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Why I Keep Watching the Ja Morant Story

I find every reaction story to Ja Morant’s stupid gang banger IG Live video fascinating. I keep watching YouTube clip after YouTube clip to try to discern how this is going to play out.

Are they spinning it to forgive and redeem? Are the spinning it to drop him from the pedestal? Are they closing options? Are they keeping options open?

I just can’t stop watching.

I know what all the major commentators think—they are fairly unanimous and all seem against crucifixion—and so now I am even curious what the YouTubers themselves think.

I even read all the comments, or most, and I skim the replies if there are quite a few.

Why? Why does this interest me so?

Because Ja Morant is my competition.

I am a dad.

I want my kids to be smart. I want my kids to be clean cut. I want my kids to have fun. I want my kids to be successful. I want the best for my kids.

But I would never commend anything Ja Morant does. Too many tattoos. Too stupid. Too flashy a hairstyle. Talks too much trash.

And yet kids see only, “Smart, cool, rich, successful, the best.” They feel that he has achieved what I preach.

So I just want to know what is going to happen and how everyone will think about it.

If he gets away with it, and doesn’t change substantially, then I lose. Or at least I have a very uphill battle.

If he gets meaningfully blackballed, then I win. Or at least I don’t lose all credibility in their mind.

We’ll see.

“The way of the wicked is like darkness; they do not know over what they stumble.”

“Suddenly he follows [the harlot], as an ox goes to the slaughter.”

We’ll see.