It’s Time To Give Thanks

Damyanti, Stephswint, iGamemom, Stuart M. Perkins, Frausto, E.I. Wong, Man of Many Thoughts, theryanlanz, RobertOkaji, Elan Mudrow, Dennis Cardiff, KidazzleInk, Dieter Rogiers, Christine Fichtner, Betsy, Karen, Daedalus, Ron, Drew, David, Joan, Vince, Alex, Joe, Eileen, Elliani, Susan, Greeny, Schoen, Tripp, Andy, Garrett, Shannon, Preston, Janet, Larry, Kate, Sam, (Mike?), Grandma, Grandpa, Noa, and K-: Thank you for reading. Some of you have read every single post, and it seems that the rest of you have read nearly every post. Thank you. You give me your time and that means the world to me. Thank you.

We’re all busy today, but in exchange for two minutes more, I’ll give you guys tomorrow off. Please keep reading.

I have quit every  job I have had since leaving the Air Force. The other day I finally figured out why. The reason has to do with time and energy. I gave all my time and all my energy to my singular goal of becoming a hero pilot for the United States of America for over a decade. And now when I unintentionally find myself in front of a news source, I see stuff about ISIS. To be clear, I can’t shake the feeling that I wasted my time and energy. If I believe serving in the Air Force of a country whose way of life is worth defending to the death is a waste, you needn’t read my anti-carwash/anti-customer posts to empathize with how I might feel about working at a carwash. Simply put, I realized I’m once bitten, twice shy as they say.

But through it all it’s been seeing your gravatars at the bottom of the posts that keeps me writing. I don’t think it’s a waste of my time to improve my writing, because I think I have something to say. Whether I do have anything of value to contribute on a large-scale is yet to be seen. What I know is that you make me feel like I might. While this blog is primarily a sounding board, I spend hours making sure I don’t think I’m wasting your time. And I think my writing has improved. I’m especially proud of Piano Practice and there is no way I could’ve written that without two years of your encouragement. Again, thank you.

Next to H- and the Mark Twain Listening Club, this blog is the only other thing I give my full attention to. If your name is in the list above, whether you care or not, know that you are one of my top three reasons to try–to fight–in this life. But there is one name missing.


I met George two years ago. He is a constant source of inspiration. He is as principled a man as I have met, moreover he reads and responds sincerely to every post. I have moved away from nearly every friend I’ve ever had for one reason or another and will not hesitate to admit that I’m scared to ever lose George. Honestly, regarding my writing, his encouragement falls under the “dangerous” category.

To know that someone believes in you is probably the most empowering/powerful feeling we can experience as humans. Only I know how I’ve handled this life, and despite the tone that I’m sure comes through in my words, the great “I Am” knows that the truth is not pretty. But that’s the thing about believing in someone. It’s contagious. I know George believes in me. And that makes me believe in me. That makes me believe that no matter what mistakes–sometimes terrible mistakes–I’ve made, the fight is winnable and worth winning.

Thank you George.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The only way to get there is together.



  1. Barb Watson

    Thank you for processing, writing and sharing. You are consciously trying to get better at living this life!
    I have read a few posts and I appreciate your perspective. (and service)
    Keep searching, giving thanks and writing,..
    Happy Thanksgiving :>)


  2. Daedalus

    Pete, You really nailed it with that last paragraph. Powerful stuff. Thanks for reminding me, once again. Somewhere in your post you write about quitting every job you’ve had since leaving the Air Force. Apparently you have overlooked one, the one about being an artist. Your particular style of art happens to be writing. You create beauty. And that commodity is in too short a supply. Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Larry

    Pete, as I shared with you – many of us who know you come from a doin’ it, doin’ it, doin” it perspective on life. Sometimes we don’t take time to smell the roses or take time to view our time on this earth the way you do. While we do not have your perspective on life – well put today I might add – every once in a while we can start to experience it, as you see life. My best example is your long ago post on Combat. For me, it is putting the puzzle pieces together to better understand where you have been, which affects who you are today. It confirms a statement I heard from long ago and probably shared with you one too many times – here goes again – you are what you were when.

    God bless and keep up your good work. “Piano Practice” has grown on me as I took the time to experience it versus a quick read. My final add – the day you posted that is the day after I started playing your electric piano again.


  4. Ron

    Thanks back ‘atcha Pete. Everyone searches in their way, all the way to the end. Lately I’ve been re-visiting Gail Sheehy’s writing on “Passages” as I explore a new territory forward from age 65. In retrospect, including all the fear and doubts and failure and success, the years sum to a richness. I am in awe – praise and thanks is the least this wretch can give.
    Best wishes,


  5. Paul J. Stam

    It is always a time to give thanks. And like you, I am amazed and grateful to any who read my blog. Having said that I want to thank you for liking my Desperate Voyage excerpts. I will be following you. Thanks again and Aloha – pjs/


  6. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus

    Thank you for joining up with us Pete, I Hope you will discover that your Creator the Great I AM believes in you too and He knows every hair on your head, of course Ron being bald is not as impressed but then his hair just slipped down to his chest.Lol

    Seriously, your Creator the Great I AM, knows what you are going to say next and George too and everything you have said and done before, what’s in your heart is not hidden from Him, He wants the very best for you but you need to want it too.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    Liked by 1 person

  7. aprilholly04

    Hi Pete
    Really liked your blog about giving thanks
    Just one thing you said made me think
    About “encouragement from other people”

    What about giving ourselves encouragement to keep writing or making a difference in the world? I think first and foremost we have to tell ourselves we’re doing a good job What other people think is not all that important because they are going to think it anyway!
    It’s lovely to get encouragement but perhaps we need to make peace first with our inner critic!


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