You Have Listened To Good Music, Right?

For Sam

Dear Stereo Makers,

How many times have you ever broken a nail with a hammer? Or how many times have you sat on a chair and had the chair just simply break? I know! I know! How many times have you turned on a faucet and the water came out so fast that it put a hole in the sink? No, better yet, how many times have you read a book so fast that it broke?

Zero, right?

Then why, for the love, do you sell a product which allows me to turn up the volume so loud that it breaks my speakers? Why? Surely there’s a way you can prevent this. Surely you can put a line on the knob that lets me know “any louder now, Bub, and you might break your speakers”. I would obey. Promise.

Thank you for reading. Just do better.



PS – If you’re interested, I ended the affair. The End.



  1. Sam

    Thank you! I know there are some technical details that explain how it is possible or necessary but….if I buy a speaker receiver and it comes with speakers, there is no way I should be able to turn the volume up so loud it blows the speaker.


  2. Megan Malanga Coane

    Ya know what really grinds my gears? Haha! I’ve read a few of your posts now and really enjoy them. You’ve certainly got a way with words, sir. and a quick wit.


    • Pete Deakon

      Hey Megan,

      Thank you for the kind words. The rules of flattery compel me to believe every one of them literally. 🙂 On another note, the link to your blog seems down. :/ Here’s a tip with your newfound effort to publicly journal that keeps me young: if you’re not terrified to publish it, it isn’t good enough. 🙂 Put another way, my grandparents still read but don’t comment anymore. LOL.


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      • Megan Malanga Coane

        Actually, I’m having technical difficulties. I just started with this blogging thing, and I am in the process of moving my blog to a registered domain from WordPress. Believe me, I’m terrified to publish, but it is really important to me that I find my voice in writing again. I used to have one, I swear. I’ll get there. Sorry about the link. I’ll try to remember to let you know when it goes back up live.

        P.S. Thanks for the blogging advice. You’ve certainly been at it far longer than I have, so I take it to heart.


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