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Don’t Look At Me, She Started It

And now another challenge to myself.

With one singular purpose in mind I created a second blog. You can view it here: petewooscammie.wordpress.com

I am not going to mention it here ever again (unless to announce wedding bells), but today, and today only, I’m posting writing from that blog. The About page comes first. Then my first post. If you enjoy what you read, please help a fella out and like and follow that blog too. While I’m making requests, ladies, if you could add comments that include the idea that you wish it was you receiving the attention, and gents, if you could likewise promote the general mood that Cammie would be silly to pass me by, I’ll owe you one big time. Thanks. You’re the best.


Cammie wants to meet a man and live happily ever after. To do this, Cammie is dating men in Denver. Besides many, many, many free dinners Cammie has not had much luck. Read about her experiences on her blog:


Pete heard about Cammie’s plight on a radio show that featured her heavily read, though young, blog. Pete has his own blog, Captain’s Log, and decided to see if he has what it takes to capture Cammie’s attention.

Unlike other suitors, he has two conditions. First, split the tabs and second, no matter what, no making out.

Her response: “Pete, I haven’t paid for a dinner in months, you’d have to be pretty special for me to start now!”

Believing that he is pretty special and hoping that she proves worth the effort and wait, Pete has decided to woo Cammie.


verb (used with object)

1. to seek the favor, affection, or love of, especially with a view to marriage.

2. to seek to win


Me: How do I get on the list? I’ve only ever met maybe two women worth competing for. You think you’re that high of quality? I like that. And I write too. Check out Captain’s Log. Might be good material for both of us. Oh, conditions include splitting the tab, and no matter what, no making out.

My Queen: Pete, I haven’t paid for a dinner in months, you’d have to be pretty special for me to start now!

Me: I wouldn’t let a woman pay for our first date no matter who she was. The thing about free is that you don’t know what you really paid until it’s gone. Most of the time free takes a portion of your soul, at least that’s been my experience. Your posted experiences seem to concur.

A quick survey of my brother and brother-in-law resulted in an opinion that you wouldn’t be worth the time it would take to pursue you. But they haven’t heard your voice.

WordPress Stats indicate that you likely clicked on my blog today and despite this, still replied. (Google+ referrer.) Were you bored or curious? You’ll find every reason to not encourage my pursuit if you read much of it, but this post will tip the scales one way or another for sure: On Breeding.

The Object of My Desire: Pete, do you have any idea what I look like or just hopeful? Also, I enjoyed your writing. Good stuff. But why did your family suggest I wouldn’t be worth the chase?

Me: Can we agree to only be honest on here? I’ll lead the way. On the radio you described yourself as tall and blonde, and you made it seem like a burden. So, while on the whole I prefer brunettes, I didn’t quite imagine you being repulsive. Plus, you have written that you’re going on four dates a week. That’s generally not a feat homely women pull off in the world of online dating, no matter how reasonable their cleavage makes them sound. Then, there’s you using your real name (why?) and a blonde woman working in Denver possessing a LinkedIn profile with the same name. However, I would like to add that I recently watched Beauty and the Beast for the billionth time. And it occurred to me that peers of ours would have to be pretty effing dense to not be aware of the “…warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within” concept.  I, for one, breathe the concept. The point is hair can be dyed.

I wonder if you know how rewarding you complimenting my writing will be for you.

Why you wouldn’t be worth the chase? Two things. First, every vibe that your massive and complicated dating life sends out includes a resonance to “high maintenance.” Second, I think they were thinking about me being a divorced dad and because of, not despite, their high opinions of me and hopes that I find a good woman, I imagine they were nervous about you eventually hurting me.

In any case, I’m a big boy. And everyone knows that winners don’t focus on the bad things that might happen. They focus on Cammie. At least I do.

My Online Dating Profile

Sometimes I like to dare myself. Recently my hopes of actually finding a like-minded soul online were dashed again. Shortly thereafter it seemed fun and yet inconceivable to share something as intimate as how I sold myself. I could preamble this for forever but will stop here. You will never know how much pleasure writing this and imagining womens’ reactions to it brought me.


Can you handle truth? Here goes. I am a divorced father who works a goofy two-weeks on/off schedule on an oil rig. Before that, I was an Air Force pilot. I usually have my daughter when I’m home, but her mom gets her for a few nights. I’m looking for a pump and dump. Well, at least the pump part. The dump part is up to you.

What are you looking for? Are you looking for spontaneous? Are you looking to laugh? Are you hoping to find a guy who isn’t interested in breaking your heart? Perhaps you’d like to finally meet a guy who makes you feel special? That’s me. Promise!

Ladies: No matter how nice you think I am or if I ask you the most interesting question you’ve ever been asked on here, please don’t message me if you’re not interested in meeting in person. A pen pal has no appeal to me. A woman, though, a real woman? Now that is the most appealing thing I can imagine. If you read at all, to give you a flavor of what she looks like read this post I wrote: A Jaw Dropping Woman.

Also, you should know that people probably don’t use the word “kind” to describe me. That’s good, because I’ve never even wanted to be kind. Instead, I’ve always aimed for things like a huge heart, a great sense of humor, edgyness–sometimes crossing the line–and pretty sharp. Other things that I wouldn’t think to say out loud (but am learning I need to) include great father, hard worker, and uncommon integrity. Though it seems most people can’t even discern those qualities’ value until it’s too late.

As a final note, if you have “finally ready to settle down” on your profile…well, I think Danny Kaye in White Christmas says it best, “My dear partner, when what’s left of you gets around to what’s left to be gotten, what’s left to be gotten won’t be worth getting whatever it is you’ve got left.” The point is “finally ready” sounds depressing as shyat to me. A “thanks for giving everyone else in your life the good stuff. I guess I just get leftovers.” No thank you.

Lastly, I’m not fat; I went to college after high-school and graduated in four years, and I am not all tatted up. Couples look like each other. Have you ever noticed that? Then again, I don’t put stock in checking boxes, so maybe you think you have what it takes and have sleeves. I doubt it, but would love to be wrong here.


I pick up the tabs, you put out.

(I’m laughing so hard. If you’re not, allow me to welcome you to earth.)

The end. 

Review of Christian Mingle Movie Preview

Click here if you haven’t seen the preview (it’s worth it–trust me). The subject line I chose when sharing the preview with my brother was “worse each second.” His response included, “Offensive to anyone with a brain.” Another friend said “ridiculous” and meant the word’s literal definition. Running only two and half minutes in length, the damage it causes is immeasurable.

Choosing a place to begin is proving difficult, so I’m just going to go free association from here on out. Who knew you had to be white to be a Christian? Who knew you had to have a full head of hair? And wear checkered button-down shirts tucked into khakis? Actually, I think we all knew that. I didn’t know Christians kissed outside, but come to think of it I should have. I am happy to see that, like in real life, once you have a black friend, you get to tell them they all look the same.

I for one can tell you no matter how happy my family looked in church, discord was the norm at home, especially during the holidays–even the big one. (What Ma?! I’m just acknowledging they were stressful.) But yes, Christians do certainly seem to be happier in public, don’t they? I think it’s because that’s when they try. Oh, and the fact that they have all the answers. And that’s why we should all marry a Christian. Or date one. Or at least subscribe to Christian Mingle. The good news is you don’t even have to be Christian or single to get a credit card.

In conclusion, I’d like to demonstrate my ability to simplify a movie’s raison d’etre from the trailer.

(Summoning deep slow-paced Movie Preview Man voice) Christian Mingle: Because Lord Knows, A Woman Without A Man Is Worthless. (Speeding up now) Coming to a theater near you.

A Woman Distracted

“It’s true,” he told himself, “she could be more beautiful. But then that more beautiful female would no longer be the woman sitting across the table now, the one called Noa-.”

“Noa-,” Pete said, as he noticed their hands almost bump while reaching for a chip, “if our hands touch while grabbing a chip, you know that I’m going to read into that, don’t you?”

If only for a moment, Noa- shook her head and cast her eyes about. She was smitten. She then found the strength to rebuff Pete’s subtle, though ingenious play and said, “Pete, there’s never going to be anything to read into.”

Laughing heartily, Pete soon noticed the jaded, slightly-too-terse, and preferring-a-thousand-yard-stare-to-eye-contact server walking towards the trio’s table, meals in hand.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” George said as piping hot fajitas along with the fixin’s were lowered to him.

Feeling the pressure to finish the complimentary chips and salsa before they were gone for good, Pete snuck in a few last bites before reaching out to receive his chimichanga. “Thank you,” he mumbled, unable to hide that his mouth was full.

Finally, the lady lowered Noa- her plate. Noa- didn’t notice. Like a student pretending to be reading her textbook in her lap, or perhaps just behaving like an adult with an office job, Noa- clearly was attempting to hide her addiction.

“Noa-,” Pete said, smiling. “I can’t believe you. You’re sitting across from two of the most eligible bachelors in,” he hesitated, clearly searching for the proper radius, “in America, and rather than enjoy the company, you’re on your phone. This is what’s wrong with the world.” Turning to George, he knew he had nailed it.

“America, eh?” George asked. “I thought you were going to say Denver, but I can’t argue with America.”

Noa- smiled at the attention, but still couldn’t quite pull herself away from the device.

“My question,” George began, turning towards Pete and filling the conversation’s lapse, “is who could be more eligible?” Upon uttering the inquiry, his countenance reached an uncommon gravity, which led to a rephrasing of the question. George asked again, “Or rather, how could I be more eligible?”

“Yeah,” Pete chuckled, his belief in his hastily developed though now affirmed sentiment strengthening with every passing second, “how exactly are we not the most eligible?”

Hoping She Was Asleep

A pair of pink sandals, a pink stuffed penguin named Pingu, and a pink, doll-sized tutu (which H- had used on her polka-dotted stuffed puppy as a bathing suit all day) made it clear that the two men were not alone in the house. This particular Friday night’s late hour ensured the girl-child was deep asleep in her room. It also ensured that any interested onlookers, the likes of which James Fenimore Cooper’s noble Chingachgook would label “blackguards in the grain”, would not be surprised to see George and Pete staring at two respective laptop screens as they intermittently stated their latest life observations. Those screens, naturally, were filled with images of women supposedly interested in dating. Well, at least George was viewing a proper dating site. Pete found himself fighting the good fight, that is, deciding how inappropriate it would be if he friend-ed a woman on LinkedIn because she was a smoke-show.

“Pete, just do it. It’s not a crime,” said George.

“I know that it’s not a crime,” Pete said with a touch of exasperation, “I just think that it’d be tasteless. Plus, this chick has 500+ connections. Apparently it stops counting at 500. I can already tell that there’s no promise there.”

“What does the number of her connections have to do with anything?”

“Look, I really want to believe Rudi’s advice and just try to find a woman with whom I enjoy spending time. But I’m just saying let’s look at reality for a second. She is gorgeous, posts videos on youtube of her singing with her sister, and has over 500 connections on LinkedIn. Whereas I don’t really like people, am pretty sure that I don’t even know 500 people, and I certainly don’t want to be dragged to events where everyone spends all their energy pretending that they’re not pretending, blah, blah, blah,” he said, running out of air. “Plus, it appears that she enjoys her job. And that means she’s not interested in kids, raising a family, etc.”

“Fine. You’re right,” George conceded facetiously, “don’t click connect.”

“You know what guys in the Air Force used to say?” Pete asked, his tone somewhere between frustrated and bitter. “Poverty is the greatest aphrodisiac.”

Opening his eyes wide, as was often the case when he liked what he heard, George nodded and said, “I’ve been trying to find a poor woman for forever. Or at least one who grew up without much. That type of woman would know how to budget, not be comfortable spending a lot of money, be happy just to have a steak every once in a while-”

Laughing, Pete asked, “Ha. You’re serious? I thought you were joking at first when you agreed.”

“-I’m totally serious. Especially since reading Anna Karenina and all those scenes of the simple life of farming.”

“I told you man. That’s what Tolstoy did at the end of his life. He practically gave up his nobility to work out in the fields,” Pete added, “and he had 13 kids.” He then paused just long enough to form a point. “The trouble is, I have no idea where or how to even start to look for a woman like that.”

“All I know is that a big step in problem solving is voicing the problem.”

“My mom asked if I’ve ever considered a deaf woman.”

A Jaw-Dropping Woman

“Welcome back George. How was it?” Pete asked, strictly observing the custom of not giving George time to settle in upon returning from his trip before beginning the questions.

George’s eyes had the look of a man searching for an appropriate opening to the story that he knows will be well worth telling. “It was good. Seattle has some good weather and good scenery,” he said.

“Yeah, but that’s just in the summer, right?” Pete asked.

“Right. The point is, I don’t think I could live there unless some company paid me a lot of money,” George said, repeating “a lot” for effect. “Oh, and Pete, I have to tell you about the girl,” he excitedly recalled.

“That’s right. You actually got to meet her. Though you had essentially made up your mind before the trip that she wasn’t the one for you, right?”

“Yeah, she’s definitely not for me. She was hot, but she kept reminding me of my ex-” said George.

“Probably never a good thing.”

“-and besides a bunch of little things, you should’ve seen the place she lived in!” George recalled, his animation for the story growing exponentially now. “I don’t know where they got the figure from, but it was a downtown apartment and everyone in it kept saying it cost six hundred thousand dollars,” George said, cutting himself off there with a stare that is usually followed by a stroke or heart attack. Thankfully a burst of laughter which most would categorize as the sound of a man going insane ended Pete’s concern and preceded, “Oh, and you won’t believe this. She had some nice bookshelves. So I took a look-”

“Bad books, right?” Pete guessed.

“-no,” George said, his eye-lids still completely out of sight. “No Pete. Not bad books, fake books.”


Now nodding, George continued, “Yeah, I saw a book that I didn’t recognize, so I pulled it off the shelf.” Then flipping the pages of an imaginary book, he said, “When I opened it, the pages were blank.”

“Get outta here!”

“She had decorative books Pete,” George concluded. “Pete, the woman had books on bookshelves purely for decoration.”

“I don’t even know what to say.”

“Of course, she did have a big TV though,” George said.

The two single men would have laughed themselves to death if it wasn’t for the eerie silence that accompanied each necessary breath. The silence that these two knew ought to be filled with the sound of crying babies, children’s laughter, lids rattling on a hot stove, the clothes dryer buzzing for the fourth time in as many hours, bad piano playing, lousy excuse giving, and sometimes–just sometimes–the sound of a loving wife’s voice as she mockingly whispers, “Isn’t this everything we hoped for and more?” with an inner strength and resolve that have, as of yet, avoided language’s shackle.

Why I Hate Blogging

“No, ‘hate’ is not too strong,” he said, raising his voice.  “I think it is perfectly descriptive.  I.  Hate.  Blogging.”


“‘Cause it gives me hope,” he lamented.  “I hate that I sit there, typing away on those loud keys, pouring out myself in words, and afterward I discover a few other humans ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the blog.”

“Not makin’ sense friend.”

“Okay, let me put it this way,” he continued laboriously.  “I feel alone in the world sometimes.  You know, the whole ‘misunderstood’ crap people talk about?  Yeah, that’s how I feel sometimes-”

“We all do, dude.”

“-Right.  But there is a difference.  I can write.  I can communicate myself to others.  I can waive a flag letting people know ‘I’m alive.  If you are, too, let me know.’  Not everyone can do that.  So I started writing.  I started putting myself out there–no holding back.  I even wrote a post which taught some of my senior-citizen followers a new curse-word, which I have since made private because it was so shameful.”

“The ol’ ‘fucktard’.  I remember that one.”

“Yeah.  Anyhow, every once in a while people respond favorably.  I was shocked that people responded at all.  So, you can imagine how it feels when people respond favorably.  More than favorably, sometimes people will comment in a way that shows they got it.  And in getting it they get me.”

“I see, Pete.  I see.  You hate blogging because it gives evidence that there are people out there who get you.  But, you think this doesn’t really count, because you only know this via the computer.  And this digital evidence, as it were, downgrades it to little more than hope.”

“Exactly.  See, that’s why I’m telling you this.  You get me.  I get you.  But I don’t feel like there’s many others out there.  And so this blog, then, is little more than the force that propels the emotional pendulum which swings from ‘Hey, life’s great.  It’s filled with people who live on this planet’ to ‘how is this world even self-sustaining?'”

“Well, as you know, I don’t know what to tell you.  Cheer up.  I like reading your stuff.  It makes me laugh.”

“Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Thanks.”

Come See My New Blog!

I can’t lie.  I’m pretty excited about this.  I’ve recently decided to create several new blogs.

While WordPress is great, I’m going to employ other hosts.  Slightly different from this one, my new blogs don’t have a dedicated URL, but I think it might actually be better this way.  To find them, you’re going to need to visit either OKCupid, eHarmony, or Match.com.  Now, other people blog there too, so you’ll have to search for me.  Since I know you like my writing already, at least a little, I’ll give you my screen name to make it easier:  meanknowitall2637864473.  (It’s the same for all three sites).

You’ll find that the posts will be a bit different than you’ve grown accustomed to.  To be blunt, they’ll be more personal.  I guess I feel this “Captain’s Log” concept is a little too lofty at times, and that that loftiness limits me from being, well, me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going anywhere, I just also want to create posts where I can really paint an accurate portrait of myself for the world to see.

Oh, and pictures.  I can’t figure out how to post pictures on here, so that’s another reason for the additional blogs.  On these sites you’ll be able to see pictures of me.  Trust me, they will be recent and not taken from too great a distance.  Along with pictures, another new feature will be a safe way to contact me.  I feel like sometimes some of you would like to send a personal note, and as of now, the only way to contact me is via the not-exactly-private comments section.  So there’s that to look forward to.

I guess, I’m being a little vague about the content of these new blogs.  The new content is going to be written for a singular purpose.  I am going to write posts that I believe will attract women to me.  The posts will attract women to me so fully that they will never want to leave me–even after they discover I have major imperfections that I view as strengths.

If this is something that interests you, but you’re not a member of these sites, don’t worry.  While yours is the more difficult path, all you have to do is demonstrate your devotion to me through good ol’ fashioned creativity.  What do you think?  Do you have what it takes?

Regardless, I’m overly flattered that you read this, though, I have to admit it is pretty good.  Maybe see you soon.

How To Ruin Food

(If you’re short on time, skip to the bottom for numbered instructions.)

“I really shouldn’t eat this, what with it containing 12 grams of saturated fat.  Oh well, I’ll put in extra time at the gym tonight,” he said scarfing down the burger.

“I know.  I really went overboard last weekend on the late night snacking.  I think I ate two entire bags of chips and salsa,” she replied in kind.

They continued this way for the duration of the time it took for them to wolf down other foods they shouldn’t eat because of words and numbers on the packaging.  I know because I was eating with them.  You see, they were my friends.  I hadn’t seen them in such a long time, and I had finally made time to grab a bite to catch up with them.  By the time the food–if we can even call it that anymore–was finished, I was able to ask, “So how’s life?  What have you been up to?”

“It’s good.  Really good.  Oh, but look at the time.  I really need to get going if I’m going to make it to the restaurant on time after work tonight.  I really need to stop eating out so much,” she said.

Instruction for How To Ruin Food

Step 1 – Believe that there is any relationship between nutritional facts and self-discipline.

Step 2 – State the relationship.

Step 3 – Repeat Step 2 until time runs out.