Life Alone

Diary style again…apologies.

Eudaimonia. Two years ago a professor wrote the word on the chalkboard in both Jesus-fish style Greek and the more familiar alphabet version. It had been a long time since someone had impressed me. Suffice it to say he had my attention. It means to flourish. Two years later almost to the day, today, I can’t help but wonder if anyone knows what it means to flourish.

Robert William Case, friend and author of Icarus and the Wingbuilder, does. But he’s already married. Actually, I could go on and on naming folks I know, 60+ years old, who demonstrate an understanding of eudaimonia daily.

But I want to find someone who understands it, is under thirty and, here’s the kicker, female. Does she exist? Because, unlike say Batman, God, or Rainbow Dash, this is a person that I don’t even think I’ve heard of existing.

By way of example, as I’ve mentioned before, I play the piano. Both the instrument and the piano. Yep, I don’t pass by opportunities to confess that I have the greatest one. Anyhow, once, after playing for an older lady friend, she flattered, “Oh Pete, you’d be wasted on a younger woman.” Oh boy. It’s a good thing I was sitting. But was she right? Most of the time I think so. And then when I discover not many young people can even play an instrument (one small attractive quality), let alone enjoy playing one (eudaimonia alert!), I reach a consensus.

One of the many reasons I left my last job was because I hadn’t been on a date since beginning it. The schedule was just too crazy. It’s been months now of not having any crazy schedule, of establishing some social patterns, of trying to meet new people, and still no change. When do I get to give up? Because this notion that there is hope is getting very old.



  1. John Love

    Maybe your criteria is skewed. Some things in a woman need to be the same as your things. Her intelligence needs to mirror yours in the basic belief system, but after that do not look for a female you. Opposites attract they say, and life is a lot more interesting! Maybe you already are open to this, but it sounded like your criterial was a little narrow maybe? Also examine where you are trying to meet women. If it turns out it is always in the same type of circumstances, change that too! Old married guy talking here, I managed to get the best one, but there are others!

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  2. whatareyourwords

    I feel like I relate with this a lot of the time, even in more basic friendship relationships. It’s difficult to find people who share a similar fundamental belief system, and without that it seems impossible to intimately know and commit to another person. I’m really blessed to have a few friends who I relate with in this way, but dating seems a harder task. Although, I’m not sure it has to be. It’s disappointing to attempt to relate and have that blocked, but in the words of my best friend: Meeting you was worth the disappointment of meeting a thousand people before you who I didn’t relate with. For me, solid friends help assuage the disappointment. Good luck. =)

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  3. Nurse Kelly

    Aww Pete – tugging at the heart strings today. I’ll see if I can come up with a blogging friend and play matchmaker…even though very few could keep up with your mental prowess. Now go read my blog and cheer up 🙂

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  4. noelleg44

    This made me sad. My husband and I have been together for a looong time, and we weren’t all that compatible at first, but had some general things in common: like to laugh, like to travel, like to drink wine. The rest grew. I would maybe be more open or less specific in whom you’re looking for. Can’t believe you can’t find a woman who’s interested in a guy as intelligent and interesting as you are. Keep at it, Pete. You’ll find her.

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