Definition of Singular Focus

This post is mostly a time capsule for me. 

Over one year ago I wrote about something that happened over three years ago. I had been sitting in a philosophy course for fun and watched in awe as the professor wrote on the board in Greek. I had never seen such a feat. He used the same chalk and the same chalkboard, but wrote in an alphabet that was unlike any I had seen. And he didn’t even act like he was special.

As of today, I too can write with Greek characters.

Can you explain that? Seriously, can you make sense of this?

I never expected to learn Koine Greek after that day, three years ago. But as I signed up for classes in a manner that would most fully use the GI Bill I had earned, I randomly found myself in a Masters of Divinity program which includes learning the biblical languages of Koine Greek and Hebrew so that I can perform proper exegesis of the Holy Bible in its original languages. Fascinating.



  1. gmgoetz

    Amazing?? This process God has a plan for your life Pete. He has given you abilities and gifts, and Intelligence to be used for His Glory, and you are now following His lead. The future for you looks exciting, interesting, and God Glorifying, sharing Jesus and His Love, Salvation, with others.
    God’s Blessings as you travel on His Highway.

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  2. Brother Dave

    I found learning Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic to be a grandiose waste of my time.

    What led me to this conclusion? A book written by William Grady Ph. D titled “The Final Authority”.

    It solidified my earlier belief that the work done by the translators of the King James Version 1611 was guided by the hand of God. God gave us a perfect translation in English that actually corrects the Greek.

    Moreover, God in His infinite wisdom knew that America would be the nation with the resources to send the Gospel around the globe. Considering that English is the universal language of business I have found that most everyone in every nation speaks some English and most can read and understand English. The same could not be said of the Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic languages.

    That said, I thank you for your service to our nation and how you choose to use your military benefits is your choice. Personally, I have learned more, grown more and gotten closer to God in lieu of the years I spent obtaining three degrees. One of those degrees was for nursing. In that in profession, I needed a license to perform my duties; hence, I had to go through the traditional process and obtain a diploma in order to take the State Board Nursing Exam. Conversely, years later, after obtaining a Theology degree, I came to the realization that all I really needed was the proper copy of the Scriptures to continue on the path that Jesus walked.

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    • Pete Deakon

      Hey Brother Dave,

      We come at this thing from very, very different perspectives.

      Did your classes ever indicate that Koine Greek was the “lingua franca” of its day? In a way, Christianity is indebted to Alexander the Great’s conquests. It’s because of Greek that the Gospel was able to spread as far as it did in the first few centuries after the resurrection.

      The King James Version is surely a solid interpretation/translation, but God has never acted in the way that you describe he acted when you say he “corrected” the language that he used to reveal himself. Why would he start acting that way in 1611? Also, unless God does not care about the Chinese, I wouldn’t doubt that a Chinese translation becomes more widespread than the KJV (or NIV), if/when Chinese becomes the lingua franca of the planet. It’s not the language that counts, Dave, it’s the content.

      Lastly, the KJV isn’t even in “english” per se, but “Victorian English” that has words that no one even uses or knows what they mean. What business transaction have you been a part of which entails the word “froward”? Or even “thee” and “thou” for that matter.

      My daughter has one shot at understanding God and to limit His written revelation of himself to the KJV translation of the text will not help her. Maybe you’ve been out of America too long, but I will never come close to gaining an audience if I were to limit Christianity to the KJV the way you just did. The only things your claim that the KJV is “divinely inspired” itself do is let me know your age and push me away from you. (And it also kind of deflates my desire to blog about Christianity. Why do you keep insisting on arguing about non-essentials?) The original documents, in their original languages (which we have none, zero, copies) are the only documents that are divinely inspired. Today, we have to be faithful to what we have.

      We can surely ask, “Why did God not ensure that some indestructible version get passed down through the years?” The only answers are speculation. But he didn’t. (Unless you want to convert to Mormonism or Islam, I hear their scriptures are perfectly preserved…if you can find them.)

      If the fact that the KJV was not supernaturally translated weakens your faith, I’m sorry. But it shouldn’t. Our faith, the one true faith, is in the triune God, not a book.



      • Brother Dave

        Your views usurp the Omnipotence of God. He can do whatever He chooses, we cannot.

        Why not use God’s chosen people to spread the Gospel? Surely a chosen people should have been the ones. Nope, they rejected the Messiah.

        Certainly Greece had some enclaves of New Covenant Christians, but traditional Greek philosophy based on Humanism thwarted the growth of New Covenant Christianity.

        So which nation has the means to send the Gospel around the world? At one time it was said that the sun never set on the British Empire. That would have seem a logical choice based on man’s reasoning, but God’s ways are not our ways. God’s omniscience saw the demise of the British Empire and the growing persecution of New Covenant believers in Europe. But His timing was perfect. Along comes the movable-type printing press so the KJV could be mass produced and taken to America by those fleeing persecution. God directs the assembly of translators to give us the KJV. Because the Greeks thwarted the Gospel with their humanistic philosophy and the Hebrews rejected the Messiah it was given to America, an English speaking nation to send an English Bible around the globe. To shame the Greeks who failed, God used the KJV to correct the errors in Greek. I chuckle when I think about God’s sense of humor.

        My faith is in one God in three persons. How would I know about his Deity if I could not learn of it by reading His Holy Words. All other translations have made a concerted effort to diminish the Deity of God. One must remember that whatever God does, Satan will mimic.

        My faith is not diminished, but strengthened when I trust His omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. I would be remiss to believe that God would save me to everlasting life, but then be so powerless as to not have given me the Scriptures as He would want me to have. I mean, God spoke the universe into existence and it is held together by His word, yet He cannot give us the exact copy of the Scriptures He would have us to have? My God is not that puny.

        The KJV was written at a level as to be easily understood by an 8th grader. My children had no difficulties with the words because they were taught to compare Scripture with Scripture. They never asked me to define “Froward”, yet I ask them what they though it meant. The youngest knew it was something bad and the older knew it was akin to perversion.

        Infallible, inerrant and inspired. That’s the copy God gave to me.

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        • Pete Deakon

          Froward means the opposite of toward. I can walk toward an object or froward from an object. “We should all walk froward from evil” does not mean we should all walk “bad” or “perverse” from evil. Your children’s guesses weaken your argument, not strengthen it.


          • Brother Dave

            Guess I will just throw away my dictionaries and the years I spent living in the U.K. listening to preachers who had an impeccable command of the language.

            According to the Scriptures, To be froward means to be habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition to someone or something like a law. Someone that is being forward is being willfully contrary to someone or something and is not easily managed. Similes of the word forward are crookedness, to go wrong, go crooked, backsliding, twisted, distorted, or crooked.

            A froward heart shall depart from me: I will not know a wicked person.

            Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee.

            FRO’WARD, a. [L. versus: turned or looking from.]

            Perverse, that is, turning from, with aversion or reluctance; not willing to yield or comply with what is required; unyielding; ungovernable; refractory; disobedient; peevish; as a froward child.

            They are a very froward generation, children in whom is no fair. Deu 32.

            PERVERSE, a. pervers’. [L. perversus. See Pervert.]

            1. Literally, turned aside; hence, distorted from the right.

            2. Obstinate in the wrong; disposed to be contrary; stubborn; untractable.

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            • Pete Deakon

              Brother Dave,

              I don’t want to argue with you. This post was meant to simply share that the living Triune god has been rooting for me all along, even when I didn’t want to believe it. That’s all. If your KJV Bible is what helps you believe in the Trinity, the dual nature of the god-man Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ concretely rose from the dead, that’s all that matters to me–and I’m happy to call you my brother in Christ.



              • Brother Dave

                Brother Pete, the Trinity is without question. My point is that I would rather eat and be fed from a complete meal than from the a la carte choices.

                Agreed that the Gospel is the foundation of our beliefs. And yes, I could present the Gospel from any version currently available.

                But after salvation….then what? Then it is time to grow. It has been my experience that folks eventually develop a taste for meat; moving past milk as they grow.

                Honestly, I tried my best to read through every version available and they left me empty; some I could not finish because they were so dry.

                That said, my greatest joy in the ministry has been helping folks to stay in the race. Salvation is easy, but the journey is long and hard. By a unique set of instances I found myself holding a KJV and upon reading through it I was able to discern more. That discernment has helped me to stay in the race.

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