Another Way I Know I’m Right

The company I work for is waiting to mandate the vaccine until FDA approval. Good for them.

Universal masking is back as the order of the day at work. Again, good for them.

But now I see something I hadn’t before, as I read their recommendation to get tested if you have symptoms.


Seriously. Why get tested? There’s no treatment. And we’re not contact tracing. By finding out that you have COVID, what have you discovered? Does it make you feel better to pinpoint the issue? Are there scores of people feeling crummy that are still inserting themselves into others’ 6ft bubbles, just for fun?

Of course not.

But if you get tested, the data empowers the morons known as “humans” who are literally having orgasms as they read the Indo-Arabic numerals. So don’t do it, I say.

See, you or I read a numeral, say, 2,349, and nothing happens. No “initiative” as my wife’s broken English would say. Not even a twitch, as I might say, if I were to be vulgar. But for these power-hungry vessels which are completely void of God, full on climax occurs. Even this post and my inclusion of 2,349 above is being seen as a tease—like a personal ad of the 90s which had “WSM” would cause a teenage boy to think, “Really?”

The difference, of course, comes from how numerals do their thing. Unlike letter acronyms, which already have quite a range of meaning depending on context, numerals can mean anything. 2,349. I’m getting a bit hot just thinking about the possibilities. Maybe that’s how many sexual positions fake blondes can be bent into? Then again, it could be how many people were murdered in South Africa over the weekend. Hmm.

In any case, if we want to make a dent, maybe we assess that the problem is we (the public) are talking out of both sides of our mouths. We want the data-driven pandemic to be over but we keep creating the data. As stated in an earlier post, even watching a baby eat proves that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

If I wouldn’t have got tested, the only difference in my life is I would have 8 hrs more pay because the stupid policies surrounding workman’s comp and COVID jacked my shtuff up and I’m too lazy to keep trying to get my money. Oh well.



    • Pete Deakon

      That’s exactly what I suspect. On the radio the other day they didn’t even say “delta”, they just said due to “a variant.” They can replay that clip forever, and I would imagine that they’d be happy to.


  1. Brian Moore

    I can’t help but think that our government’s misguided, 40+ years long “War on Drugs” has perfectly prepared all of us for what is happening now. They have never respected the sovereignty of our minds, so why should they respect the sovereignty of our bodies. And here’s an additional thought, if a vaccine’s major selling point is the prevention of infection, what are we to make of all of these breakthrough cases? What about new and improved variants in the future? Is this a tail that we’re destined to chase from here on out? Go ask Fauci, I’m sure he knows. Or not.

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