I’d Bet China Loses

I started the next guided reading in the GBWW set tonight. It’s Montesquieu’s “The Spirit of Laws”.

Only a preface and a few paragraphs into it, and as is often the case, on my mind is the seeming unstoppable growth of the Caliphate, Islam. I read something excellent and think, “but this thought recorded here is not stopping the Taliban or the Muslims in Europe…”

Tonight, my thoughts drifted to China as my best bud is constantly confessing how horrible it is that America is becoming just like China. And I can hear my brother and his wife say, “Well, what’s wrong with China?”

Because I’m in no particular rush, I let the world’s merge and blur.

Let’s just join my brother and his wife and admit that America as we knew and loved is a relic relegated to history. The new America isn’t China exactly, but in its new state is surely not going to conquer China.

The new question is, “Would Islam conquer China?”

Neither China in reality, nor my newly minted America can call themselves Christendom. So who comes out ahead as the muslims don’t continue to borrow from China and China learns just how stubborn Mohammedans can get?

I mentioned to my pal, “I think I may go to the Muslim Center and see if I can rent space for a Bible study.”

He, a former US Marine Officer, actually warned me that I’d be putting myself in harm’s way.

My wife familiar with mooslims from life “back home” also suggested that I’d probably end up being followed around as I kept on living here in this town if I asked about renting space.

I’m not afraid of the Chinese. I think they’re political aim is just totally wrong (not freedom), but I’m not afraid of them.

But muslims? They are something else.

What do you think? Should I ask about renting the space?

What do you think? For fun, admit that with this recent experience of living under “abnormally bad decisions made by uncommonly weak leaders” or what you call “the pandemic”, we’re basically China here in the States. Then ask, does China stop Islam? Or Does Islam conquer China in the end?

In both cases (hypothetical as they may be) Christendom is on very unstable ground. And this makes me sad.


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