Week In Review—Shotgun Style

My daughter’s school district sent out the anonymous “don’t be ashamed” but “your child has to go into quarantine” email yesterday. This is the second time. Education should erase fear, not promote it. Public Schools must be abolished.


I have officially passed the tipping point. I do not think earthly happiness can be achieved without owning a Rodecaster Pro podcast production studio.


I usually feel pretty smart. Okay, I usually feel very smart. But these days I think I feel how geniuses must feel. You see my oldest daughter is 3/4 round-eye, the other 1/4 being Asian. And my youngest daughter is 1/2 DFPWHTSSTACSO (Descended From People Who Have The Same Skin Tone As Colonial Slave Owners) and the other 1/2 Habesha or never conquered or—to your eyes—black (which is the same). So I think I’m one of the good guys—just like my ancestors used to be.


As far as Megan Rapinoe, I only want to share what a stripper told me one night as we critically, but casually, surveyed the other Independent Professional Entertainers on the floor. (Don’t ask me. Something to do with taxes.) She said, “The hair color we were born with adorns our body as beautifully as possible. It matches our face and skin and complexion perfectly.”


Lastly, some hope. I overheard an elderly patient on one of my flights this week lament upon hearing that she still had to put on a mask when we landed at the gaining hospital. “But I’ve had both of my vaccinations,” she declared irritated. In this case, like most, the customer is always right. As the hospitals return to normalcy, the public will too. And hopefully we’ve learned to never again trust health experts while we have our health. Or Democrats.



  1. noelleg44

    My daughter is completely Asian and smart as a whip, but as I tell her, I’ve taught her almost everything she knows, just not everything I know. I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. I want to know who’s pulling Biden’s puppet strings.

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  2. David

    I love Asia! Obviously, because I live here and the love of my life just happens to be Asian; so was my stepfather.
    But that doesn’t necessarily indicate that all are of superior intelligence or possess discernment; especially those in government!

    Lock downs, curfews, face masks, face shields, etc, etc, etc, have done nothing to stop the spread of the current virus (there have been others and there will be others in the future). We have lived with these foolish draconian rules and regulations for over one year now…and…we have the second highest Covid-19 infection rates in S.E. Asia!!!

    So what’s the answer? Learn to practice safe and effective health protocols!

    Taiwan initiated massive ad campaigns to inform their citizens about good and bad health habits. Their country has one of the lowest infection and death rates on the planet. Of course, they also closed their borders to Chinese passport holders at the very onset of the virus, we did not.

    You see, we just don’t teach people.

    Instead, we are governed by authoritative mandates telling us how and when we can live our lives.

    People need to be taught, not ordered about.

    In lieu of the government’s failure to teach important hygiene lessons, allow me to help.

    Stop sharing food! Stop putting the spoon that you put into mouth into the same serving dish that others will be taking their food from too! Stop sharing the same drinking glass or cup! Moms, stop using the spoon you put into your mouth or the drinking glass you drink from to give food or drink to your child. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! That is a direct source of transmission and spreads both viral and bacterial pathogens.

    Wash your hands with soap and water! Especially after you use the toilet. Carry sanitary wipes with you when you use a public comfort room, because as we all know, most of them don’t provide soap for the washing of your hands and some don’t even have running water!

    Stop the hugging, kissing and handshakes. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

    Your can wear one, two or three face masks and a face shield and even a space suit…but none of those things will stop the spread of any viral pathogen unless you first practice good hygiene habits!

    Now that’s real science!

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