The Future of America

My wife just passed her “interview” within the naturalization process. This was the last step, not counting the formal oath ceremony, along the road to citizenship of our beloved United States of America. As she accomplished this goal, (just for clarity—she began this process before we met—marriage to me has nothing to do with it), I couldn’t help but wonder, “What was the point?”

Practically speaking, the big benefit of citizenship is travel. As an Ethiopian, you can’t just travel at will. As an American, the world has no borders. Her mom can also come to America as near “immediately” as the world of immigration allows. And her son, my step-son, is now also a citizen. Good for him.

(If you aren’t aware, I wasn’t, a green card suffices for staying in America for ever, it just has to be renewed every 10 years, but there’s no chance it doesn’t get renewed. The travel element, again, is the great difference.)

(Or is it?)

My wife is very spiritual, within the biblical meaning of that word. She prays more in one day than most Christians I’ve met pray in a lifetime. She also knows the answers to the questions for the interview, but the spirit of GW doesn’t really live in her like it does me.

Yet, she’s excited she passed the interview.

For the first year of our marriage I assumed the citizenship thing was about her siblings back in Ethiopia. I figured/planned that once she was in, they’d be able to come over and my house would be full of life and injera for a few years. As time drew near, I learned that that isn’t the case at all. I learned that it’s a very long process to bring siblings over here. And, despite all the bad press about Ethiopia’s civil war and resultant human rights violations, her siblings are very proud of their country and want to live there forever.

To be “ho-nest”, I generally think my wife is a bit naïve to think that her citizenship means anything. And I think her siblings are simply nuts for wanting to stay in Ethiopia.

As for how Americans view our relationship, old people are nice to us, but with effort. Our peers are disarmed by us, assuming that our mixed-ness means something big about our focus in life, and they are very ready to approach us and expect to have a normal, nonthreatening conversation, like those of yesteryear. Young people don’t seem to notice anything but their screens.

As for me, I sought my wife because Ethiopia is called the “Island of Christianity”. Look it up. And the Muslims are already here. ‘Whatever flavor of Christianity she brings, it must be stronger than what we do in America,’ was my thinking. Jesus is more important than any political designations.


Biden has admitted to tracking online dissent, with the intent to silence it. A fool’s errand, firstly. Secondly, immoral on every level. But I can turn off this phone, turn off my laptop. I probably would be happier if I did. (I finally did start actively telling YouTube to stop recommending channels that only caused “I can’t believe this garbage is happening” reactions. Now I get broadcast/podcast microphone reviews, Jomboy breakdowns, and movie previews. Perfect.)

This small town we live in is inundated with Somalis. I’ve seen things with my own eyes that I cannot believe.

Fully covered women posing for their boyfriend at the lake, like they’re in a bikini.

Muslim centers packed on Fridays. Packed.

Little girls still wearing the gear.

Older youth girls still wearing the gear.

The Lutheran churches have an outreach ministry, if the yard signs can be trusted. But they suggest Ramadan is related to Passover and Easter.


The government is attempting to censor the internet. Islam is here and growing. I am no fear monger. I’m not afraid of Islam anymore than I’m afraid of a lie. You shouldn’t be either. The answer is know your Bible.

Now, I am also always on the lookout for a new political philosophy that accounts for current reality. As much as I love the classics, the situation has changed such that they do not suffice. Population size, to name one variable, is a completely new element and therefore unaccounted for in their theories.

What do I think about the future of America? I hope this post’s biographical content provides insight.

In short, I can turn off the internet.

I am powerless against invasion.




  1. Brian Moore

    First of all, I mean no disrespect to you or your wife Pete. And I want to congratulate your wife on becoming an American citizen. But I for one, feel that a conversation on immigration is long overdue in this country. Our current President’s policy of near open borders is both unsustainable and undesirable. Why is it wrong to ask immigrants what they have to contribute to our society? Should we automatically accept anyone who is from a country torn by war? How about poverty? Is your standard of living in your country less than it would be in the US? Come on over! Your Somalis are a good example Pete. Largely uneducated, with a culture that is, at times, in direct opposition to our own (sharia law), they make little effort to become anything other than North American Somalis and as a result contribute little to the greatness of this country. Wouldn’t it be so much better if one or more was particularly clever in engineering or biology? Is that too much to ask? That as an immigrant, you have something to contribute. According to our news media, many immigrants last acts before crossing our border is to give their life savings to criminals (coyotes), arriving here broke, hungry and homeless with no immediate prospects. Don’t get me started on what kind of parents would send their six, seven year old children ahead to pave the way. And finally, how do we allow what’s happening at our borders and at the same time tell 35+ million Afghans (who for 20 years have relied on us to do the right thing) “Tough sh**”?

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    • Pete Deakon

      What I like most about these comments, Brian, is that you recognized that the post ultimately was about immigration. I hadn’t fully concluded as much in a direct way, but I can see now that that’s what I was saying. Immigration (current policy) stands to hurt the future of America more than politics or censorship etc.

      I don’t know what I think about how to affect immigration on a large scale, but I obviously believe that those coming here legally and, imho, bringing Christendom with them, should be welcomed wholeheartedly.


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