Here’s a Better Suggestion

What?! You’re kidding me, right? Dying newspapers are banding together against President Trump?

Most Americans cannot even read.

Even more do not read.

Rather than joining forces against perceived attacks, newspapers and other written news mediums would be more likely to defeat President Trump’s attacks by publishing early-readers like Dr. Seuss’s Fox in Socks. Or Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever.

The president’s words cannot possibly threaten the literate.



  1. quiltjunkie

    Great suggestion! This whole “banding together” business is a joke, anyway. Most media outlets have already banded together to push a liberal agenda and favorite narratives to keep Americans divided and riled up. I guess this nonsense is this week’s hysteria du jour. True journalism is nearly extinct – there is very little reporting of plain old facts, and far too much spewing of spin and opinion. It’s sickening.

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  2. noelleg44

    Great post. The whole idea is nuts, and look where the suggestion came from: The Boston Globe (we call it The Glob). Of the two newspapers in Boston, this is the most far left and is losing readership like mad, laying off personnel and can’t seem to figure out why,

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