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Allegedly, the shooter singled out Christians.

Because my ego knows no bounds, after first hearing about this shooting this morning whilst in Greek class at seminary, I immediately thought of you and how surely you’re curious to know how a school bent on training Christian leaders would respond/feel/think/report this shooting. And I’ll tell you–after you tell me what you guess the scene was like. Because I’m desperate to hear reactions from the people on the streets. One rule. Be honest. What was your first reaction to first hearing that Christians were singled out? And what was your first reaction to my question, “I wonder how Pete’s seminary presented/responded to the reports that Christians were singled out?”




  1. Elouise

    Pete, I hadn’t heard this possibility–until I read it right here, right now. My own response? I need to be prepared to die at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever. It isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about being ready to die–especially as Christians. That’s what Jesus’ life was all about–getting ready to die. Not to be morbidly focused on death, but to free us to live in the present. Right now. Instead of becoming anxious about the future. Thanks for your good questions.

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  2. HemmingPlay

    This was based on what a father heard from a friend of his child, who was at the school. Other reports say the shooter had a grudge against organized religion generally. His MySpace page profile said his orientation was conservative Republican. But don’t you think it’s a bit early to be beating this particular drum?

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  3. agarrabrant

    My first thought on hearing this “targeted Christians” allegation was: “I hate this sensationalist instant news focus of modern media! Can’t we just grieve for the victims without irresponsibly guessing at the motive?” As to the second question: Pete, I don’t know in which brand of semenary you are studying and that would prejudice my answer so I will answer from my own experience with Episcopal Perochial Education. I imagine and hope that the thrust of the discussion was on the victims and perhaps a discussion of what the church and people of faith can do to heal the centuries of mistrust and violence that have divided people of conscience along doctrinal lines since the beginning of tribal communities. Please don’t tell me I’m a total Pollyanna.

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    Hi Pete – awful news from Roseburg. 1st: revulsion at the report of “singling out” Christians. Then I thought shooter had to be muslim. …and you ask “I wonder how Pete’s seminary presented/responded…” I thought: “What are they doing to protect themselves?” (Somebody over there ought to know how to handle a firearm). Did anyone try to tackle the creep? Looks like an Army vet did.At least the police responded by moving to the fire to take the sob out. How many “Gun Free Zones” are there in Denver? They are all targets.When I get to be King, all citizens will carry and know how to use a Glock 9, which will guarantee polite conversations. 2nd Amendment isn’t the problem – it’s the answer. Best wishes,Ron

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  5. noelleg44

    It’s hard to know exactly what happened, given the immediate politicization of the event. Gun control, he was a Republican, he was Muslim – the media is having a field day. My thoughts: he undoubtedly had mental issues, as have all of the shooters in schools. He chose a school because they are gun-free zones and he wouldn’t be challenged, and he had an issue with Christianity, for whatever reason. Until the country as a whole does a better job with identifying and treating the mentally ill, these events will continue. As one of your other respondents commented,you have to be prepared to die. I think it gets easier as you get older; young people feel immortal. Having faith can be a great comfort.

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  6. quiltjunkie

    My unfiltered thoughts? “Oh GREAT. Another whack job got hold of some weapons and shot up a school. Was this a gun-free zone kind of school? Will they re-think that in the future, if so? Why can’t we be like Switzerland where every citizen is required to train how to fire a rifle and keep one weapon, just in case? Now the media’s having a field day analyzing the $hit out of something of which they know NOTHING YET …. and of course. The President’s got to weigh in ASAP. Why??? What does HE know that the media isn’t telling us? Why can’t he wait until this is sorted out before he preaches to us? It’ll probably be about gun control. Again. ‘Cause we’d all be safe if guns were outlawed. Whatever. Why can’t we do something better for the mentally ill in our country?!? Why aren’t we able to identify people with the kinds of problems that make them go out and shoot up innocent people – often people they don’t even KNOW? What is WRONG with us?!?”

    And more of the same kind of thoughts, interspersed with concerns about friends who are going through particularly difficult times right now, wondering if I did this, that or the other would it help them or burden them further …. wondering what to do about our dogs while we’re out of town for a couple of weeks … wondering why my DIL hates me so very much … fretting over whether or not I’ll be able to get all the samples I need finished for the trade show next month … the usual!

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  7. Dawn Marie

    Even if this were to be the “cause given” it would matter not. No answer suffices for a life taken. The reply to the “Why?”…can only be truly heard in tears. My only response is: Enough! Hugs & Blessings for starting a brave dialogue.

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