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So hey. I don’t have much time to write for pleasure during the semester, but I love the discussion last post encouraged. Rather than reply to the comments via a comment, I’ll post a reply when I have time to write a post.

That’s my decision and I’m sticking to it!

And please remember that when discussing Christian theology, while I may share some conclusions that I do believe and am willing to defend, I am not judging you for coming to different ones. I’m curious to know how you arrive at yours, but we’re adults here. You have to look at the data just like I do. For example, just because the only way I can make sense of God actively participating in violence in the Old Testament and yet commanding “love your enemy” and “turn the other cheek” in the New Testament is by concluding that God wants his people to leave the vengeance to him (and a step further, God doesn’t want his people coercing others), and therefore, I see pacifism as the best doctrine regarding war, just because I believe all of that, that doesn’t mean that if you disagree, you’re wrong. First, most of you don’t seem to self-identify as Christian anyhow so no need to be pacifists–fight away, I say. Second, I’m the only Christian pacifist I know, so I am very aware that my conclusions aren’t popular. But they are mine. And a few posts back, I wrote that a reason to go to a seminary was to find out what I believe. Well, now I can check the “what do I really think about war, given my experience with combat and everything?” box.

Regardless of your belief in “just cause” or “pacifism” or something in between, what I would recommend, if I were to be so bold, is to view (or you can test your might by attempting to karaoke) the following prayer and get all teary with me at least.


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