Some Conclusions For Today

Life is a journey, that’s for sure. It’s cliché to even repeat the assertion. Of late, though, it is proving itself more true than I ever would have believed.

A few months ago, December, I wrote about my search for a church home. For various reasons, the posts received decent traction. I began by reviewing the local mega church. And concluded by reviewing the church I felt was for me.

Along the way, I’ve had many conversations with individuals to include a couple pastors. A picture of the situation is beginning to appear. I think bullets will be most effective here now.

  • The church I grew up in from 3rd grade to 12th grade combined with my personality did such a number on me that fifteen years later I still can’t tell which way is up.
  • Attending church nearly every Sunday and many Wednesdays as a child was by no means the normal experience of an American child.
  • Church membership/regular attendance in America is decreasing.
  • Mega churches make it seem like church membership is on the up and up, but their growth is simply the result of small church members leaving their small church in favor of the big ones.
  • According to one pastor, young folk (20-30s) surprisingly report that they desire more of the sacred, and not the many attempts to cater to them through contemporary worship.
  • Even white preachers confess that the black model may be the way of the future regarding preaching.
  • I like the black model of preaching.
  • Mormonism is batshit crazy.
  • Mormonism is batshit crazy.
  • The historical record seems to support that a group of humans called themselves Jews and believed and worshiped one God. According to their literature, their purpose as this singular God’s “chosen people” was to display God’s essence to the rest of the world. Out of this group came Jesus. He claimed, not unlike many other prophets of his day, that his people had dropped the ball regarding this charge, but no worries, he’s got it. He further claimed–albeit cryptically at times–that his ministry was God’s way of manifesting a new era on the planet where anyone could become a member of the chosen people of God and fulfill God’s purpose for his people, which is to demonstrate love. Love one another. (Which is, like, totally, like, weird, because, like, we’re all so good at that as is.)
  • The historical record does not support Mormonism, whose claims are not marred by things called thousands and thousands of years.
  • Every single adult, every one of us that ever has existed on planet Earth is making it up as we go. Don’t miss this point. This is a big one. Previously I was under the belief that there was some level of consensus on things of this nature. But no longer. I have, like many of you, had many one on one conversations with folks regarding this topic and not one person has been the same as another–even if they go to the same church. Notta’ one. Though, put a couple of them together and it’s a different story.
  • Telling people what to believe or how to behave is disrespectful, sharing your story is not.
  • Children need to learn love; it does not come naturally.
  • Organized religion does not seem to be the best way to teach children love, and may be downright incapable of doing it.

No big conclusion.



  1. geistkleid

    I recommend trying out a high mass in Latin in a Catholic Church. It is not like other services but has its own merit. The chanting in it was designed to uplift the soul but not the senses, in a way. In the right mass and the right church, the solemnity of it all, the incense, the music, the costume and the way that the architecture of old churches direct your eyes straight to heaven gives a very moving experience. The difference between the most amazing boisterous protestant services vs high catholic mass is the difference between a field of wild flowers to run in and be free vs a refined rose garden where you must walk slowly and smell lightly each delicate bloom. They both have incredible merit but for different reasons. The thought of both actually is brightening my Friday morning.

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  2. Nurse Kelly

    Very well put, Pete. You are wise beyond your years. You can now use what you’ve learned in the past with what you know today all for the benefit of your daughter. And congrats on your speech which I saw on Twitter 🙂

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  3. Lucy Furr

    All religions are batshit crazy. Seriously?! A pregnant virgin gives birth to God? All religions begin as cults, just like Mormonism. As parents pass on their own beliefs to their children, batshit crazy tenets go unquestioned. Just because Christianity reaches further back in time, and is widely accepted in America, this does not make it true. The golden rule is true. All decisions in life can be measured against that one beautiful truth. Christ wasn’t the first person to share that gem.

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  4. Incidental Scribe

    A lot of good thoughts about religion. I personally think finding your spirituality is a personal thing so using indoctrination to tell children what faith they should follow and how they should worship can be detrimental to the child’s spiritual development. But teaching love, morals, right and wrong and kindess will never be bad lessons.

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  5. francisguenette

    The ‘truth’ if any such thing exists, is only to be found in the search. Spirituality is so far beyond the doctrines of organized religion that I hesitate to put the two words in the same sentence. Journey on, my friend. Asking the question is the beginning of wisdom.

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  6. noelleg44

    I grew up going to a Latin Mass every Sunday and every Friday. Lots of singing of old hymns, but dreadful sermons. I sort of miss that and can still do the responses in Latin. My kids were brought up Catholic but we didn’t discourage them from taking their own path later. The nice thing is that we can go to a Catholic Mass anywhere in the world and feel at home.

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    • Pete Deakon

      Did you ever watch the HBO show Six Feet Under? There was an episode, I’ve tried to find a youtube clip but can’t, where that very thing was emphasized. You know, like McDonalds. 🙂 I just got home from a two and half hour Songs From The Journey music thing at the church I go to. I can’t explain it, but it just feels like home. In any case, thanks again for commenting.



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