The Crumby Face

“Type daddy, type!” H- said.

The pair was finishing up breakfast. That is to say he was finished and had moved on to the laptop and she was diligently using her fork’s four tips to scrape up every last bit of cinnamon roll frosting from his plate, having already completed the chore on hers.

He looked towards her, tapped his skull, and smiled as he said, “I’m thinking of ideas.”

“I’m going to count in my head,” she responded naturally.

“Nice, H-. Do that,” he said, returning to the laptop.

A moment passed before she announced, “Daddy, I’m thinking of ideas,” and in doing so chased away one of his.

He turned.

“Oh yeah?”

He wanted to get frustrated, but a dab of icing and an abnormally large chunk of the roll prevented any emotion from surfacing save head-shaking disbelief.

She hadn’t spilled in ages. She used adult size silverware. She dressed herself, sometimes even expressing gratitude when seeing that what he laid out for her matched. She could lift the piano key lid and make her own music for thirty seconds at a time before tiring. And despite answering, “The dragon talks?” when asked how she liked her dad’s Smaug-turned-Bane stylings, she could even call out sight words as she struggled to get comfortable atop him at bedtime.

But when it came to actually fitting food in her mouth, the battle was lost.

He began a careful examination of the data with high hopes of determining she wasn’t at fault. As she returned his stare, shadows shed light on the explanation. He swung round for a profile view. She matched him.

“Hold still H-,” he excitedly requested. Then he happily declared, “Yep, that’s the problem.”

I mean, could you keep food off of your cheeks if they stuck out farther than your lips?



  1. Nurse Kelly

    Hi Pete – trying to write this on my cell, at dr – sick. But anyways, you are still the best writer I know in the sphere – yes I wear my feelings on my sleeve – and pants and socks and shoes- always love your posts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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