Public Schools Must Be Abolished

Just a quick note on a recurring theme.

If you don’t have school-age children, then here’s what you’re missing.

Every Friday the administration sends out several “wrap-up”, “week in review” emails, themselves containing links to more content. I read like lightning, and I still would spend more time reading these emails than I would spend on a full week of homeschooling.

What do these people actually believe? Have they written the great American novel? Do they believe the parents are literate at an above average rate? How many adults actually make it through every word?

Public school.

What a waste of time.

Abolish! Abolish! Abolish!



  1. dolphinwrite

    Public school has never been a mandate, and certainly the U.S. Constitution does not require. While learning to read and write, including knowing how to utilize mathematics are very important, and learning the true history of our country, but also of the world is necessary to prevent the problems we’re currently experiencing through improper education and propaganda, all of this can be done privately and through the decision parents make for their children. I was a public school teacher for over two decades, but we saw the problems from the beginning, hoping to do our best while we had the time (That ran out.), creating lessons and projects, encouraging the students to think for themselves with quality classroom information and their own experiences. But I also told them, that when I learned to learn with my own motivation, I learned ten times faster and more than sitting before a teacher. I hope many of them remember.

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