An Example of Tuesday’s Post

The Twin Cities have announced that January 19th begins a new rule for restaurants. On that day you gotta provide proof of vaccination or negative test from last 72 hrs in order to receive service.

It’s being decreed by Mayors, as it is only for the two cities (and mayors are kings of political units called “cities”…)

So now what? Who do the folks affected seek relief from? Another government official? Say, the governor? I doubt that would result in the desired relief.

The politicians are backed by doctors.

So to whom do we petition as we seek relief?

A judge?

Peter Drucker handily explains in his tome on management that the reason written, or even spoken, propaganda never actually works is that eventually people lose faith/ignore it. He suggests that there is just something inmate in us that recognizes the difference between experiences and false descriptions of experiences. “You’re happy! Believe me!”

I can tell you that even 6th grade boys know whether they really beat me in a game of basketball, or whether I threw it.

In any case, this new situation in the Twin Cities is just another example of the definitive reason we can’t stop talking about the pandemic. Who can be called upon to provide relief?



    • Pete Deakon

      I remember the video of Jacob Frey being told “Then get the f outta here!!” by the BLMers that in 2020 at a rally. He was wearing a mask and sweats or something and wouldn’t commit to whatever they wanted him to say into the microphone. He sulked off into what I had assumed would be his political sunset. Nope. Still has a job somehow. And the arrogance to think he’s competent.

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  1. noelleg44

    More extreme unlawful requirements from the land of the woke. I visited the Twin Cities once and thought what a great place to live – watching what’s been happening there has changed my mind. I do think people are starting to ignore all the talking heads – we are just sick and tired of it.

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