Two Things I Learned Today By Watching a Ten Year Old and a Seven Month Old Eat

If you want to get a ten year old to eat his cold cereal to the point the bowl is dry, then have his day begin with him having to rewrite his previous three days’ mistake-ridden writing assignments.

If you’re still unclear the meaning or origin of the popular, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” then you haven’t watched a seven month old eat with her hands. She grabs the wafer just fine. Her mouth opens. Her hand goes into her mouth. Her tongue touches the wafer. Then her hand and the wafer come back out. Boom. Unlikely as it seems, we now know that a baby’s hunger gave birth to the adult’s sad truth.



  1. Stuart Danker

    Lol I think I do the ten-year-old thing to myself too, in that if I find myself feeling ungrateful, I just make myself do hard tasks just to align my perspectives a little. e.g. chores so I get to appreciate my free time, or fast so I’m more thankful of my salad and boiled chicken breasts.

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  2. noelleg44

    We are currently watching our 1-year-old grandson enjoy his food. Most everything is finger food, which he picks up with incredible delicacy and puts carefully in his mouth. If he decides he doesn’t like it, he takes it out again. Fun to watch him eat blueberries. He will also take a spoon of cereal and get it close to, if not, in his mouth. When he is full, he finger paints with whatever food is left on the tray.

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