New Direction

I just wanted to be clear about the new direction of my blog. First, it is decidedly becoming a place for Christians to find encouragement. Second, I plan on sharing screen-less leisure time ideas for families. We’re addicted to screens. If we’re not looking at them together, we’re looking at them separately. And if we’re not looking at them at all, we’re talking about them. Enough, I say. We can do better.

First up is the game Sequence. It is essentially tick-tack-toe with playing cards. It is only mildly mentally taxing, which is to say it is a great lubricant for sustained conversation and relationship building. Letting the five-year-olds play makes it even more pleasant.  





  1. quiltjunkie

    I’m loving the direction you’re taking your blog. And thanks for the recommendation of “Sequence” – I think I’ve seen this game in stores before but passed over it because the box wasn’t eye-catching for me. I’m definitely buying it now – with 15 grands ranging in age from 4 to 19, we’re always on the lookout for games that will keep everyone engaged and away from electronics.

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