Just Left My First Christian Apologetics Class Session

For those rusty on theological terms, when Christians use the word apologetics, they intend to communicate its root sense which is “to defend”, not in our common sense of admitting fault. Be that as it may, my question to any readers with time and energy is, “What is a Christian?”

In other words, (and I asked this in class just now) “What does conversion look like? How can I measure whether I have defended Christianity? What am I selling? What are people rejecting or ignoring?”



  1. Drew Ford


    I am a professional apologetic for design professionals…..I defend them in their design work. How do I measure that?—in a very secular metric….by how cost and time effectively I completely resolve conflicts for them so they can get on with the profession of designing.

    What is a Christian?—depends on who you talk to, I would suppose. I don’t think you need to sell anything to defend Christianity. I suppose the defense of Christianity starts with yourself and how well you lead your life…………

    All this hard thinking will likely tucker you plum out………………………..maybe time for another Mark Twain Denver Performing Arts group trip, sometime this coming spring?



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