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Vin Diesel Recants Oscar Prediction For Furious 7 After Viewing TC’s Newest Trailer

In case you missed it, last week action film superstar Vin Diesel claimed that his new movie Furious 7 (in theaters this Friday) will win a few academy awards. That was before he saw the trailer to Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, which is Tom “TC-to-me” Cruise’s newest entry in his own unexpectedly lengthy action franchise.

And so yesterday, in a bizarre turn of events, Diesel formally and sheepishly recanted his odd prediction, saying,

“I wanted to be excited. I really thought Furious 7 pushed the envelope and had the perfect mix of everything that makes for a killer flick and a critically acclaimed feature film.”

He then coolly stroked his chin while his eyes looked beyond the horizon, adding,

“And in another Oscar year, maybe it would have won.”

Returning to the moment, he excitedly asked,

“I mean, have you guys see Tom Cruise’s newest trailer? I can’t compete with that. No one can. Much respect.”

Never one to deflect praise, Cruise’s reaction to reporter’s barrage of questions regarding this incident was to simply smile his million dollar smile and say,

“What can I say? Vin knows movies.”