U-valde, U-krain(silent e), U-s Fools

No one is interested in living with perfect consistency or perfect coherency. Not even me. That feels robotic or mechanized, or simply inhuman.

My titular pairing of Uvalde and Ukraine is not about advocating consistency or coherency or that those should be aimed for in the gun control talk. I do not find it troubling that someone could want to arm Ukraine and also disarm school shooters.

Instead, my argument is: “Don’t be led astray from the obvious.”

Is that an argument? Maybe not.

So my advice, then, is “Don’t be led astray from the obvious.”

Guns are for killing people. Maybe not every gun is equally designed for killing people, maybe some guns are purposely designed for other uses, but in the sense that, “These boots are made for walking”, “T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed”, “Jesus saves”, and “The Navy needs Maverick”, guns are for killing people.

If you can’t imagine ever wanting to kill people, then don’t buy a gun.

If you can imagine wanting to kill people, then buy a gun.

Guns are for killing people.

Guns are not made to encourage honest dialogue. Guns are not made for laws. Guns are not made to save lives. Don’t be led astray, folks.

Furthermore, it is my belief that the content in this post can be agreed upon by all humanity. What do you think? Do you agree?

PS – Lastly, if you want my actual solution to the constitutional debate, here’s the amendment I crafted carefully after Parkland. Amendment XXVIII: In time of peace, Arms shall no longer be secured by the people. (Second Amendment stays.) You can find my other post’s on the topic back around March 30, 2018.


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  1. Brian Moore

    I was thinking about this the other night, about my own relationship with guns. I don’t fear them, nor do I have a need to own hundreds of them. Where did this rational approach to guns come from? I think from those evening hunter’s safety that I took one summer when I was twelve at the neighborhood firehouse.
    It seems like this country and especially the west has lost its hunting culture. You know the one, where you learn a healthy respect for firearms and they’re ability to visit misfortune and misery on those that would be casual in their use. Number of times I’ve crossed a fence with a loaded gun? Zero. But I could explain how to do it and the reasons why.

    The second thing that I learned really young was how to lose. We didn’t get participation trophies when I was a kind. You learned how to suck it up. You did the best that you could and you moved on. A popular movie when I was a teen was “The Bad News Bears”. I remember that they lose so many games, the one kid takes off his uniform and climbs a tree in his tighty-whiteys. What he didn’t do is murder his teammates.

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