WW3 Diary Entry 5

On modern weapons.

As a pilot who grew up dreaming of becoming Maverick (I had the name on my side), I was well aware of what Hollywood thought about missiles. “Our pilots had become dependent on missiles.”

The first actual war story involving missiles that I heard spoken by a fighter pilot in my presence made me question Hollywood, but mostly just the fiery part of the impact. When missiles hit a plane, they cause it to stop working correctly.

Then, while sitting in Iraq, I saw, with my own eyes on what was lovingly called “predator-vision”, an unmanned ariel vehicle launch a “missile” at a man worth launching a missile at. If you’ve seen any modern movies with similar scenes, you’ve seen the same.

Waiting, waiting, waiting and then the tiny object zips in right before a brightness on the monochrome image.

But something not often shown in Hollywood productions is what I then observed that night with interest. I saw the body on the ground. Then we waited. Then it moved a bit. Then it rolled. And rolled again. Then it rolled again. And finally it got on its feet, staggered slightly forward, and then the person took off running.

There is no moral to this story. It is merely what came to mind as I read about the train station missile attack.



    • Pete Deakon

      Loved it. Changed my life forever. (Wish I was kidding.) Yes, I’ve been waiting for the sequel for two years now. It’s gonna be fantastic.

      I can’t say I’ve heard of Firefox. Another almost jet movie favorite of mine is Final Countdown. Seen that one?


  1. noelleg44

    I have not seen Final Countdown, Pete, but I’ll look it up. Maybe it’s on Netflix. I am also eagerly awaiting Top Gun II, but I can see how you would especially like it; I have seen the first one so many times I know some of the lines (and not just “the need for speed.” Firefox is an old film from 1982, probably before you were born! It’s stars Clint Eastwood who also produced and directed it. The flying sequences are what hooked me.

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