This Ever Happen To You?

I just had this terrible experience.

I’m finally at the point in my morning where it’s time to shower. Know what I mean? I’ve exercised, taken the kiddo to school, had my regularly scheduled one-on-one phone call with my boss (he was away from his computer so we did just a “phone call” instead of Teams video chat), sent some emails, fielded some calls, and saw the flooding in NY.


I’m not saying it was an ideal morning or the ideal time to shower, but I was there.

Now, there is nothing on this side of heaven so wonderful as a hot cup of coffee after a shower. Am I right? So I head over to the machine and see where it’s at. I’m married, you know, so lots of possibilities await my inspection.

The machine, I discover, is on in the “stay warm” setting. I think, “Oh, how nice. My wife already made a pot.”

Then I squint and see that, no, no she did not. That’s not it at all. I was fully wrong.

The right answer is that she rewarmed the leftovers from yesterday. Kinda gross, but, hey, we’ve all been there. Am I wrong?

So now this is where the panic sets in. What’s the proper process for the situation? I know, instinctively, that rapid temperature changes are recipes for disaster when it comes to physical objects. Luckily, our Ninja Coffee Maker has a removable container that is filled with the new water, so I don’t have to refill the hot pot and risk catastrophe in that sense. But what about the pipes? Where should I pour the warmed coffee?

Can you understand my anguish?


Being a natural hero, I poured out the coffee directly into the kitchen sink drain, only then running some cold water down the pipes to offset the coming darkness.

But before showering I just had to ask, “Has this ever happened to you?“



    • Pete Deakon

      “Fortune favors the bold!”, eh?

      I told my wife I was going to make a new pot. She said, “Okay. Just pour it into a cup for me.” I wonder how my face looked as I contemplated how to proceed. I decided to just repeat, “I’m making a new pot.” And we’re not even the generation that lived through the depression. ‘Penny saved’, I guess.


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