Don’t Label What Happened, Just Read

So we’re moving the aircraft around the taxiway via a tractor/towbar setup on the nosewheel. It’s three of us management-type pilots. To have three of us at a base is abnormal. This is very rare. Having three managers do the work of one man, well, that is not very rare. That’s just comedy. As such, the mood is elevated and jocular, and each of us kind of basque in the radiance of the other two.

The pilot on the tractor is acting like an eighty-year old farmer who has “been there, brother” as he hunched over and keeps the tractor to a crawl.

The other pilot, by virtue of growing up in America, is compelled to say, (join with me), “It’s like he’s ‘Driving Miss Daisy’!”

The pilot on the tractor doesn’t seem to hear the quip over the engine. So the typical conversation ensues.


Farmer man kinda indicated, “Yeah, but it’s too loud to talk.”

Then the funny man turns to me.

I say, “I know OF that movie, but I can’t say I ever saw it.”


Here’s the climax: this pilot now says, “I don’t know how that movie ever got made. It’s about a racist woman talking rudely to her driver” etc etc.

Dear Reader: Please don’t disrespect me, steal my humanity, or whatever, by proceeding to tell me that you know the name for what he just did.

Instead, just read and consider.

Even among the brave, the pilots, this particular evil infects. This is very, very wrong.

For my part, I could only say, “I believe in freedom. People can write whatever they want, make whatever movies they want.”

Moment over.


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