Trump 2024

Seriously. He should announce his campaign this very second.

I don’t care one bit for the man. But it’s time to fight 😉 such unadulterated groupthink. Not one democrat broke rank? Give me a break. Cowards one and all.


  1. David

    The greatest civil rights issue of our time is platform access.

    Because if conservatives, America firsters, or the MAGA crowd don’t have unrestricted access to the modern public square, they will not be able to make an effective argument on any issue…let alone one which they may believe is the civil rights issue of our time.

    I will encourage private citizen Donald J Trump to buy a newspaper, a television and radio network and build his own social media platform so he can never again be the target of unjust and unfair censorship. No more fake news! Once he has secured his own social media platform then he should immediately announce his candidacy for 2024.

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