I Don’t Know Why It Evokes Such Emotion

Yesterday as I listened, I kept thinking, “If you’re not careful, you may end up highlighting who really incited the demonstration…yourselves,” as the Left made its case.

Today, when I watched the opening statement and the barrage of montage highlighting the utter hypocrisy of the Left, I cried.

Apparently I can take the dose from the Left when offered daily.

Apparently I am overwhelmed by the administration of many of the Left’s daily doses into one five minute period.

Oh. And the rest of the “very fine people” response now seems like the most sensible sentiment he ever uttered. Anyone else find that to be true? Separation makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.



  1. David

    Get A Clue or Get A Political Science Textbook

    It was not an insurrection!

    It wasn’t insurrection, despite endless repetitions to that effect by mainstream and left wing media. Insurrection means, “an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.” What we saw was not a revolt – marchers intended to influence upcoming/pending actions and decisions by the Congress and the Vice President. It was not a rebellion – marchers went to the accepted headquarters of the legislature to influence them, not to replace or destroy them, or steal their stuff. Yes, a small group of opportunists did engage in an unarmed physical breaching of the facility but they were a tiny portion of the far larger crowd of demonstrators. The crowd of demonstrators gathered outside of the Capitol building did not resist any civil authority or any established government.

    Let’s be clear on this, IF this action had taken place with force of arms, after the Senate and House had accepted the disputed electoral votes submitted by the state legislatures, in an attempt to reverse the decision or take over government, we could call it an insurrection. For those of us watching from the safety of our living rooms, the show of strength of so many Trump supporters, people who more importantly do not trust government, whether it be made up of Republicans or Democrats, was impressive. One imagines that such energy and civil disobedience could be effective in coming years, and one day we could see actual popular insurrections occurring all over the country. But that didn’t happen on January 6th.

    What can we learn from this particular misuse of language? We are learning that the deep state, with its real right and left wings, the status quo, the tax- and power-enriched bureaucratic government class, is beyond frightened of the cynical populist population it seeks to control, to rule, to surveil, and to eventually consume. We are learning that they know that their quiver is empty, their knives are dull, and they are bereft of leadership, and without heroes. They are running out of words and phrases.

    And for those who still don’t get it, buy a plane ticket, fly to Myanmar and get a firsthand look at an actual insurrection.

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