More Midwestern Truth About Politics

As I consider the upcoming change of leadership in our nation, I can’t help but see irony.

Folks want to believe Biden is so different from Trump. Especially, they say, in the fact that Biden doesn’t lie all day long. But from a God’s eye perspective, Biden does lie all day long. Whether due to his stutter, or some other ailment as simple as too-much-on-the-brain, Biden misspeaks endlessly. If we actually took his words at face value, we’d find him unintelligible. We certainly couldn’t trust him with political office.

But there’s an affability in Biden that forces even his opponents to admit, “Yes, Yes. Of course he didn’t mean what he said.” And that’s precisely what Trump fans have said for four years. “He doesn’t mean what he said.”

So we’re in a tight spot. You hate Trump because he lies. And Biden is such a poor public speaker that I have to cut through all his mistakes with a machete forged out of trust that his tongue is in no way connected to his head or his heart.

I miss strong speech. I miss meaning. I miss speaking which moved me. To be honest, I never heard such speaking. But I’ve read it. I have to believe we can do it again.


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  1. lcaurbrsy

    Well, I believe there are still some inspirational speakers who can move people to action – positive action moving an agenda forward. And that’s the issue. Are humans smart enough to understand the hidden agenda – or nowadays not so hidden – of an inspirational speaker (or a hollywood or sports star)? Saying a murder of an innocent person by a policeperson now means “all police are bad” is no different than saying all people of a certain race or creed are bad. We know all humans have sinned. The challenge is to accept that, get over it, and move forward trying our best to treat others the way we would expect to be treated. Every human has been discriminated against, when discrimination is claimed by a group then there is an agenda.

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