Does Anyone Think We Can Defeat The Enemy?

Here’s President Obama’s self-absorbed response  to Mr. Trump’s self-absorbed bombas-ticary.

Assuming you don’t have 25 minutes to spend on the above video, I’ve done my best to clarify the arguments below.

Mr. Trump is arguing that

A – American leaders need to use the label “Radical Islam” in order to stop terrorism.

B – Implicit to Mr. Trump’s argument is the argument if we don’t label the enemy accurately (know who/what the enemy is) then we cannot possibly defeat the enemy.

C – If we don’t elect Mr. Trump as president, then no one will say “Radical Islam.”

A + B + C =

D – Without using the label “Radical Islam,” we cannot defeat the enemy (whatever the enemy is).

Since B and D are the same, then Mr. Trump is using circular reasoning. All Mr. Trump has actually argued is, “Without me, we cannot defeat the enemy.”

In response, President Obama is arguing that

A – If we use the label “Radical Islam,” we don’t really mean the adjective “radical”. In other words, if we say “Radical Islam,” people only hear “Islam.”

B – Extremists successfully recruit new extremists by telling the lie to young Muslim men that the West believes Islam is the enemy.

C – If the number of extremists grows, we cannot defeat the enemy.

D – If he were to say, “Radical Islam is the enemy,” then he’d be doing the recruiting for the extremists (ISIL/ISIS).

A + B + C + D =

E – If we use the label “Radical Islam,” we cannot defeat the enemy (whatever the enemy is).

Since C and E are the same, then President Obama is likewise using circular reasoning. All President Obama has actually argued is, “Without me, we cannot defeat the enemy.”

In sum, Mr. Trump believes we must use the label “Radical Islam” to defeat the enemy and President Obama believes we must NOT use the label “Radical Islam” to defeat the enemy. But each man clearly believes that without him, the enemy cannot be defeated. Can we agree that besides being self-absorbed and redundant, their argument is depressing?

For a different, encouraging argument, try mine.

I am arguing that,

A – I wanted to fight or I did fight terrorism (Wait. Terrorism? Who are we kidding? We’re at war with Allah) with violence from Sept. 11, 2001 until March 1, 2012.

B – It’s now 2016. 4 years after stepping off the violent path, it is apparent that terrorism (Allah) is still a growing threat.

C – Terrorism (Allah) cannot be defeated by violence because it is an idea.

D – Only ideas can defeat ideas.

E – Due to internal inconsistencies not much different than President Obama and Mr. Trump’s circular reasoning, neither naturalism, nor deism, nor Buddhism, nor scientism, nor atheism, nor Mormonism, nor Tom Cruise-ism, nor patriotism, nor nationalism, nor globalism can defeat terrorism (Allah).

A + B + C + D + E =

F – Christianity’s Triune God, in all of His mystery (tell me again, how was Jesus fully human and fully divine at the same time?), in all of His reality (the concrete resurrection of Jesus as proclaimed by the New Testament writers and its subsequent 2000 year witness of manifest grace) is the only idea that can defeat terrorism (Allah).

In other words, A + B + C + D + E = 

F – We can defeat terrorism (Allah). And we can defeat terrorism (Allah) without me! We just need to submit ourselves to the will of Christianity’s Triune God.

In sum, my argument (Christianity’s argument), unlike Mr. Trump and President Obama, is, “Without me, the enemy can be defeated”–emphasis on “the enemy can be defeated” and “without me.” There is hope people. His name is Jesus.

Do you see?



  1. noelleg44

    I see your reasoning but words are never going to defeat these people, who will accept nothing less than the world becoming a caliphate. I notice Obama frequently reminds us of Christian fanatics (from several centuries ago) as some sort of justification for the Islamist extremists. We don’t have much of a choice in November, but there are so many other issues as a result of the seven years of Obama/Hillary that I cannot vote Democratic!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pete Deakon

      I’ve been trying to compose a prayer/lament about this election in the style of Bible prayer’s/laments. The election cycle is as godless as they come and I can’t get there.

      One thing I’d mention, Noelle, is even you are falling prey to “…never going to defeat these people”. Do you see what I mean? We’re all talking about losing all the time. Who thinks we can win?



      • noelleg44

        Pete, we could win if we had the national will to do it. I have no doubt. The problem is we have a president and likely another one coming in (Hillary) who have no will and no courage and are ethically challenged. More Americans will continue to die on our soil.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Pete Deakon

          Hey Noelle,

          What I like most about our discussion is that we are at the heart of the issue. Ignorance, will, belief. For a long time I thought people just were outsiders holding opinions. These days I see that no one is outside of life. If you aren’t familiar with the Qur’an and Islam, stay tuned. More to come in the future. I’m kind of captivated at the moment.



          • noelleg44

            I will freely admit I have not read the Qu’ran. Possibly I should – I’ve read the Bible, after all (surprising for a Catholic, maybe, since the Bible was never stressed as reading material).Looking forward to more posts.

            Liked by 2 people

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