Humility Post 6

Submitting to the will of Almighty God while living in America is nearly nonsensical.

“Submit,” God says.

“Never!” we answer. “We broke free from all yokes forever when we left England!”

“Submit,” God says.

“No, thank you, Massa. No, thank you, Uncle Tom,” we answer. “We’ve ended slavery.”

Are you still thinking clearly? Or has lizard brain taken over? Because I submit to you here that my study and heavy attempt at Christian humility has recently opened my mind to the value of submission. You might say it has “freed my mind“.

The crux of humility is recognizing that we’re already and always enslaved. It’s not a question of how to escape submission. The real question is, “To whom should we submit?” Think about it like this. Is there ever a time when you’re not an example? Do you see that no matter how you behave, even if you become a recluse in a cave, you’re an example? Like gravity, it is inescapable. Christian humility, demanded by the triune God, bases itself on the fact that you’re enslaved to sin. This is especially relevant to Americans, of which I am one.

You see, I thought I was free. I believed I had freedom. I thought the rest of the planet was in darkness and America was the light of hope to show the way. I thought that science had displaced God. I thought human slavery was over.

Now, it turns out slavery might have just moved to the underground. Now, it turns out science is an inadequate worldview, not just a method of studying life. Now, it turns out the majority world doesn’t really consider America in its decision making rubric and no matter who wins the election, everyone knows she’s a ridiculous example of a person and in no way worthy of emulation.

Moreover, Americans, so-called educated Americans, love living outside of submission to God. That’s because God doesn’t exist, they say. And yet the unifying principle behind the strongest, most terrifying street-gang in the world is a god-based religion called Islam. My trouble with using this fact like some suggest as merely evidence that we need to remove God entirely from life because *clearly* the concept of God is too dangerous, my problem is that I can’t get a read on what’s happening in Europe. Is Islam over-running Europe? By what standard should I (we) measure the facts? Can we concede that Islam is over-running Europe if/when one formerly western country adopts Sharia-law in the coming decades? Stopping the spread of Islam seems to require more than asserting “God doesn’t exist.” Maybe it can be stopped by asking, “Which god is God?”

The reality of current events seems to contradict the idea that American Individualism is worthy of our submission.

“Submit,” says God.

“I don’t know,” we answer. “I think we still have more to lose.”

“Submit,” says God.



  1. gmgoetz

    Thank you Captain Pete, for another great, insightful post. We all serve something, either a god of our own making, or the True and Living God who gave His Son, Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for my, and everyone else’s sin. I choose to serve God, my Heavenly Father, and His Son, my Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ.
    I shared your post on fb.

    Liked by 1 person

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