Church-Goers: I Have A Question For You

For those of you who are regular church-goers, I have a quick question. Has your pastor discussed the presidential election or candidates during his/her sermons? (Mine has not.)

Follow-up: Whatever your answer, what do you think about your pastor’s decision?


  1. haleylol

    He has not! We have a very diverse church, and apart from making small jokes about how politicians are pandering to religion, if he were to make comments in favor of one side or the other, it would probably be a bad scene. I respect his decision and agree with it. Ours is not a worldly Kingdom, and though we can all have personal opinions, I appreciate him respecting God enough to not put his own personal spin on things.

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  2. Larry

    No mention from our pulpit. However, it is interesting to me that when other church members do mention a candidate, they assume I am in agreement based on the candidates stance on religion. That may not be a church only thing, but it is interesting that a group believes everyone in the group thinks alike.

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  3. Kate

    I’m late on this comment, but our church did a whole sermon series about the issues that “divide.” At no point did he claim to take a specific side, but he certainly gave information leading you to agree with his thoughts because you are a “rational” person. Did he mention specific candidates? No. But everyone knows he’s a Democrat. I knew what he probably believed before he preached. For others new to this church, though, they prob didn’t pick up on the nuances. Does his opinion shape mine? No. I will admit, though, that it gave me a reason to have an argument for what I believe. See 1 Peter 3:15-17.

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    • Pete Deakon

      My apologetics professor quotes that passage at least once every class period.

      It’s a tough business getting people to agree that critical thinking has value in and of itself. So tough, that even I wonder if it matters sometimes. Perhaps stupefying ourselves is the answer.


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