Sermon #1

Kidding. Well, sort of kidding. I gave the following speech for my number ten speech in the Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual a couple years ago. A fellow member, in her evaluation, mentioned I should think about becoming a pastor. Naturally, I shrugged off the suggestion. That moment is fairly laughable these days.

In any case, I watched it the other day and kind of inspired myself. So I thought I’d share. It’s ten minutes, so it isn’t short. But it’s worth it. (Even on mute. 😉 )

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  1. mcbeales

    A mate of mine is a Toastmaster champion in a way, wins awards for it apparantly. Knew him from school days, and never figured he’d be that kind of guy. Guess it takes the kind of braggadocio that I lack. It’s hard to speak in front of people, but the most important thing to remember is to be honest in that situation. That always wins out in the end. Forget the eloquent liars and cheats and just tell it as you see life. You seem like a decent guy, so you’ll do great.

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    OK Pete – Thanks for sending your #10 speech. I see a preacher in there. And well done to blend the skills of presentation.

    On 1/4/2016 you asked: “Why did you pay me?” You deserve an answer.

    This is a question that frustrates, because:

    1) I didn’t pay you. I didn’t want to. Money was taken from me at the point of a gun by the IRS. I did not approve, and I rejected the Iraq war and the military operations. It was a war to stabilize oil markets – yes that is in USA’s interest but war is not the answer for that problem.

    2) IF military operations for some reason can be justified for the USA (in my opinion, the only reason go to war is to capture the ground and make it part of the USA – the only reason to risk lives and assets), then Hell Yess you are just the guy we want there, and pay with gusto. We haven’t seen a good enough reason for a long time (like protecting England from Hitler and re-taking Guam from the Japs).

    3) My objection to your mission has nothing to do with admiration for your execution. One-on-one I’ll bet you did an outstanding job 24/7. Just because you and I were insulted by our Commanders in Chief doesn’t diminish your skill – doesn’t relate to my whole-hearted support for guys trying to protect each other.

    So I thought you meant a re-phrase of the question, like: What was I thinking? What did I want? Was my pay worth it? Did I get what I was worth? Did you get what you paid for? Or something more to the core of your question, which I do not understand.

    Meanwhile – onward to solving the mysteries of the Universe. Our friend Robert Case is marching ahead. Have you read George Orwell: “Why I Write”*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Best wishes, Ron

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