What It Is Like

Their bags were packed. The car was mostly loaded. H- was sound asleep as usual. It was midnight.

He finished setting his alarm and closed his laptop for the last time before the trip. Experiencing a feeling that, he thought, must be akin to what the great prophets felt so many years ago, he eagerly picked up his phone for one final text.

“I just got excited because dinner and visit might provide good blog material. 🙂 Watch what you say…lol”

Not being awake at that late hour, his mom didn’t send a reply until morning.

“Ha ha ha. I only say intelligent things,” he read, already three hours into the drive.

What with her life only two-thirds complete, her assertion still awaited final judgement. But he knew he had hit his mark.

“She’d never admit it, but she’s nervous now,” he happily thought as he drove on.


H- played with Uncle Sam’s beanie babies from a time long gone as the adults finished their lazy and uninspiring dinner. Then Sam left. Then Pete put H- to bed.

His mom walked by as he quietly left the bedroom door cracked a little.

Heading the same direction as his mom, he couldn’t help but ask, “Really, Ma, what’s it like?”

She turned, “What’s what like?”

His eyes led his answer.

“What’s it like to know that,” he paused, his hand signals emphasized the next bit, “you know, that you, your genes are responsible for creating me?” he asked.

“Hmm. What’s it like?”

He nodded, smiling with great anticipation.

“I guess I’d say that I feel like I’m getting Eve’s full punishment.”

“Nice Ma. I mean, you did have two days to prepare but nice just the same.”




    Good Morning Pete –

    In reading “What it is Like” thoughts turned a life-passage known by many of us – when parents die – when mom is gone. When momma Dorothy died in 2011, It seemed appropriate to have a memorial gathering of friends and family at our house, and I assembled the attached powerpoint. Once a TM always a TM.

    It reminds me of all the times I could have been better, though also of how I did ok, too, in honoring ma and pa.

    See the “Notes Page” view.

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. Best regards, Ron

    Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 15:47:32 +0000 To: pritchett61@msn.com


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