She Has Become Self-Aware

Even if there was an accredited parenting class, it seems unlikely it would cover bathroom protocol for opposite gender single parents.

“Are you shutting the door, daddy?” H- asked while standing outside the bathroom, as he, in fact, shut the bathroom door most of the way no different than he had done many many times before.

“Yes I am, H-. You’re getting old enough that you shouldn’t be able to see me nor me see you when we go potty,” he answered. “I know it’s confusing because on the car trips you have to come with me. But that’s just because I can’t leave you alone.”

“Oh. Okay,” she responded.

Like an apparition floating passed the cracked door, her locked-forward head led the rest of her body to her room for who knows what reason. Then he saw her pass by once more, heading back to the living room.

“Ughh! I forgot to turn off the light,” she said, exasperated.

Passing by again, she reached up the wall to flip down the light switch.

With a fourth pass she completed her second round trip.

Then, with a giggle, little H- noticed the pattern and blurted out, “It’s like I’m guarding the door!”

He had his very own little volunteer sentry. And that would have been fine until she announced, “I have to go potty now. Will you guard the door for me?”


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