Thinking It Was Not Worth The Energy

Thinking it was not worth the energy it would take to say “bye”, he looked simply looked at the screen to confirm the call was over.

With an uncommon hunger for clarity, he mindlessly walked to the kitchen.  “Hah,” he chuckled, expelling a little air from his lungs, amused that there were always dishes in the sink.

Today should’ve been a good day.  He had accepted a new job.

But now?  Now he just wanted clarity.  He had to trust himself.  “Focus man.  Focus,” he lectured himself.  “Just like you, she’s hurting.  You know the truth of the situation.  You know what you value, and you know how you came to value it.  Look to the Truth.  The solution is living in the present.  Don’t let yourself get distracted.  You know how to filter out the chaff.  The conversation was just chaff.  Filter it.  Filter it.”

Before he knew it, he felt the stainless steel faucet handle, cool and sterile, giving in to his fingers request.  The pot, soiled by left-over spaghetti sauce, filled with warm water.

“Time to do the dishes,” he breathed, his energy building.


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