Shocking GOP Confession: New AR Underwear Political Tactic Gone Wrong

On Wednesday, in what can only be described as a stunning and devastating admission, GOP leaders took full responsibility for the recent controversy last weekend’s release of “Anti-Rape” underwear caused.  The party, clearly in no position to risk alienating women voters, is yet again doing an about-face after choosing the wrong side of an issue.  This time, however, the demand for an explanation has elicited an even more shocking revelation than simply owning up to having created the controversial AR underwear itself.

Speaking under anonymity, one leader shared, “Times are tough.  The rules seem to be disappearing.  We just care so much about America that we were willing to try anything.  We made a mistake.”

Karen, a local feminist leader, went so far as to claim, “The creation of AR underwear is the single largest setback in the struggle for gender equality.  Ever.  Rape is not a woman’s fault.  Period.  Historians will record this as the straw that broke the GOP’s back.”

The details are still sketchy, but we now know that the GOP is, in fact, the creator and sole financial backer of the AR underwear.  Constructed out of blade-resistant materials, the AR underwear is nearly impossible to remove without knowing the combination to a special locking mechanism in the waistband.  Had the public blindly accepted them at face value the story might have ended there.  Unfortunately for Republicans everywhere, the public didn’t accept the underwear.  Public pressure mounting, one of the creators finally came forward with an explanation yesterday.

A high-ranking party member confessed, “You want to know the truth?  The truth is we need liberals to stop breeding.  That’s it.  It’s a numbers game.  To achieve this, we created a ridiculous pair of underwear that can’t be removed.  Everyone involved loved it–until we realized we still needed to give liberal women a reason to wear them.”  Clearly agitated, the informant then bemoaned, “Liberals are so damned captivated by the infantile desire for a life without consequences that we thought this “Anti-Rape” marketing campaign might be a winner.  Boy were we wrong.”

The informant further lamented, “Everyone knows we’re desperate.  We were thinking of our children.  We had to try something to put them back in the majority.  Regrettably, it looks as though this will be the final nail in our great party’s coffin.”

In what seems little more than a swan song, the informant assured this writer that all remaining GOP congressional and senate salaries will be donated to organizations dedicated to reducing sexual assault in America.



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