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Good Writing Compels Writing

Earlier today, while on shift on this day of unflyable weather, I began trudging through the Gateway to the Great Books essay by Friedrich Schiller. I began it back on November 14th. He calls it, On Simple and Sentimental Poetry.

It is a far longer entry than all others in this volume, Volume 5, “Critical Essays.” And it is rather boring. His vocabulary is far broader than mine and he employs it from on high, without looking down, without slowing down. But I wanted to finish the article, so I reread the introduction, re-caged my gyros, and plodded on.

Finally, the relationship blossomed. Check out this criticism of a man (hitherto unknown to me), Klopstock.

His muse is chaste.

Wow. Stops you in your tracks, no?

Got me to smile and want to share the sentence with you all. Hope it was worth it.

Onward and upward.