WW3 Diary Entry 2

I don’t deny that it’s easier for a veteran to live in the state of war than in the state of peace. For one, most of my childhood and about a decade of my adulthood was one big effort to win wars. So, “I get it.” I understand that I am probably happier in WW3, I am probably more fulfilled in WW3 than in peacetime. But that’s not why I still believe we’re in the midst WW3.

I say “still believe” because headlines and news about the war are diminishing. For my money, that means that you civilian pukes aren’t convinced WW3 is really happening anymore. You’re bored by it.

“What’s next?” you ask. “Aren’t Kanye and Kim getting back together? Didn’t I read that somewhere?”

I accept your challenge. Heck, I like to play devil’s advocate. I like to show that I am willing to be wrong. So I’ll give you my ingredients for declaring I was wrong, that this never was WW3. (Apologies, but they’re fairly long term.)

Five years seems too long, one year seems too short, so I’m picking three. Arbitrary, but valuable nonetheless. I will freely admit that we were never in WW3, that I was a trigger happy vet seeing war like a hammer sees things to hit, if either of the following two events do not happen by April 1, 2025.

First, Ukraine joins NATO.

Second, another country’s military openly attacks Russia.

Regarding Ukraine and NATO, the reason it wouldn’t be WW3 if that never happens is that to draw in other nations (making it “World” war), Ukraine must be part of an international agreement.

Regarding another country attacking Russia, (whether inside Ukraine or within Russia), again, we need to see someone that makes this more than “one-on-one”.

Time will tell.

For now, I’ve got a newborn son and baby daughter to help place onto a good path. And two 12 year olds, my daughter and step-son, are ever in need of moral guidance and bravery training. Wish me luck.



  1. noelleg44

    You’ve got your hands full with those kids, Pete! I am enjoying my second grandchild – a little girl, born to my rough and ready Army son. I do not wish for WWIII – as he is likely to be deployed. And he’s a lifer.

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  2. lcaurbrsy

    Good Luck and good commentary. I pray there are ongoing diplomtic negotiations going on behind closed doors with the Russians to figure out a way to end this thing. The people of Russia will feel the sanctions in a few months as supplies dwindle unless they can resource in another country – which is highly possible. I do know of cases where some Western countries have stopped supplying product (English business) and another (German business) continues to supply. No government statement can be effective unless all the people believe in following it. And there are not enough auditors to make sure the rules are being followed correctly. So I take my few months and move it to at least a year which starts to put me closer to your thinking of 3 years.

    My opinion – something will have to happen within Russia to remove the Putin regime. And that may not be possible as the Russians really believe this is a Russian Operation to rid Ukraine of Nazi’s.

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