An Apology

I want to both thank you for your prayers and apologize. I knew going in to the Qur’an that I was messing with evil, but still thought it was a necessary task. The last two posts about Anselm and fools and ontology are evidence of me losing touch a bit. In any case, I still defend last week’s analysis of Islam and my conclusions. Looking forward, my aim is to let the Holy Spirit (via personal convictions in accordance with the Triune God’s will as revealed in the Bible and feedback from other believers, including any of you) guide my thoughts as I try use my Triune God-given talents to persuade you to agree with me triply as to the pernicious nature of Allah (abstract god), that Allah has infected all of us already, and that Christians, through the power of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, are the only people who can lead the charge of freeing those who submit to Allah. Thank you again for your prayers, and keep them coming. Praise the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.




  1. gmgoetz

    Hi Pete. You did enter dangerous territory, but I do agree that danger does need to be entered into at times. My hope is that you had Prayer Partners, or a Prayer Team supporting you.

    The enemy of Christ, therefore, the enemy of our soul does not like his evil being pointed out.

    Thank you for your boldness, in the Power of the Spirit, for walking in with your Spiritual eyes open.

    Praying for the Protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus over you, for your mind, spirit, soul and body to be kept clear and free of confusion attacks.

    Praising Jesus Christ, the Way, Truth, Life, and Saviour of our souls.

    God Bless you Pete.

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