Enough About Change, Enough!

Daily, so-called experts advise us to change our perspective, change our job, change our life. They believe we should change our world. It’s sickening. Like you, I’ve followed that message too many times to count and for what? It is a false hope. Change? No thank you.

As the year wraps up I’m happy to report I like life the way it is. And I know you do too. Here’s how I know.

Forgiveness – You forgive me daily. I struggle with why, but am sure you’re the better person for it. It is at once free and invaluable.

Friendship – Again, you give it freely. I cannot imagine a world without the ability to make friends. I don’t want to either.

Peace – The world is close. Real close. Some want to keep the focus on the unrest. The rest of us know to keep peace the focus, and rightly so. Focus on the peace and see what unfolds, I say.

Compassion – Everyone I have ever met understands compassion. While not always possible to act on, their feelings of compassion are always real. I cannot imagine this world before it was filled with compassion. Like most good things, once conceived, the concept of compassion cannot be forgotten. And it never will be.

Love – There is no greater source of strength than the fact that the lowest of the low, the meanest of the mean, I’m talking about the most wretched wretch, this man or woman is still loved by at least one person if they’ll only let themselves feel it.

Change that? Never.



  1. JoAnne Silvia

    I didn’t think I was going to like this post at first, but then I did by the end. I do get caught up with wanting things to be better. But some things are good enough, even better than good enough. You had me with focus on the peace. I would love to believe we are close, but if you watch the news……No, never mind. Focus on the peace, and see what unfolds. I love that! Thanks for following “Anything is Possible!”


    • Pete Deakon

      Thanks again, JoAnne. It was inspired by a powerpoint at a church which said that “everything would change” after salvation etc. I was like, “Huh? Everything? I wouldn’t want everything to change…”


      PS – Don’t watch the news. 🙂


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