Teaser for Pete Deakon’s New Book: The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor

You know how movie teasers and trailers are fun in and of themselves? Well, here’s the teaser for my new book. Enjoy!

A black screen disappears in favor of a silent scene of a bloodied, weeping man trying desperately to beat down an apartment door; inside the apartment is a slouching drunk wearing a look of frightening resignation and throwing his nearly empty tumbler at that door; curious music now accompanies the camera as it closes in on the drunkard’s painful expression of doom. As if a film projected onto his eyes we see video of a beautiful woman leaning in expectantly towards that same man, though younger and full of life. His eyes dissolve out of the background and we now see the man jealous of the woman as she dances the night away with others; then an engagement; then the music quickens to frantic as the pace of the montage of already short video clips speeds up until they are not much more than still images in which we see yelling, fighting, painful looks, divorce papers, fear, and hurt.

Then the screen returns to silent black and the text “The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor” appears. As it fades away the text “Coming Soon” takes its place almost in a whisper.



  1. neurovomit

    Read the title, and the first few paragraphs. I’m not ready to read the rest. I’m going through a separation now. Yesterday was heartbreaking. I came over to read my 5 year old son his bedtime story. He wouldn’t settle. He started to cry ”dadda I don’t want you to go. You mustn’t go”. I promised I would draw him a monkey sitting in a tree on Mars eating peanuts. He giggled for five minutes then started to cry again. I am broken hearted. I have a host of mental health problems to deal with but this was a real knifing. I need to write this shit down. Sorry.


    • Pete Deakon

      Hey Man,

      I’m not some expert. I just love life and am pretty introspective and believe that sharing everything helps everyone always. That’s why I wrote the book. Did you see the reviews on Amazon yet? They’ll help make your mind up as well. Oh, and tomorrow is chapter two. For a guy that’s willing to be so vulnerable on here, I don’t care about making a buck. If you don’t want to buy it, but want to read it, I can email you a pdf. The point is, I’m not trying to sell you. I just think the book is a must read if you’re in a tight spot like you and I are. The biggest thing I want you to know right now is that you’re not alone. What you wrote reminded me that I had a section in the book where I described dropping off my crying daughter at daycare (that was never in the plan) was like being riddled with bullets in all the non-vital places and my only solution was nightly whiskey to ease the pain before doing it all again the next morning. But a friend told me that was too sappy. So I cut it. (It was.) But, well, I could go on and on. Email me if you want that. 🙂



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