Happy Birthday Sam


I started this in my head about fifteen times and always discard it because it is too much about me. How to proceed, then?

I shut you down big time earlier this year, as you know. Believe me when I say (again) how embarrassed I am for that.

I can’t promise that I’ll believe this tomorrow, but special for today let me say that I think your life has proven that despite your being the younger brother, you lead the way in exemplifying the best qualities a man can possess, especially when measured against a certain “know-it-all who can’t keep his trap shut.” See? What is the problem?

I’m proud of you. I love you. The last two visits have been very nice. H- seems very nice. Hold her like a butterfly.

Happy Birthday.


PS – I’m so excited for the speech come April. You are not going to regret your decision. (You should be nervous enough to consider if maybe you should pick someone else, but not so nervous that you do more than consider it. Part of the reason I’m struggling now is I can’t say a lot that I’m saving for that more appropriate setting.)

PPS – I need the next month to go by slow; the fast-approaching trip to Copper is having the opposite effect, no thanks to you.


One comment

  1. Sam

    It always amazes me how complex life can be. We try to simplify it all the time. Life is about ____. In our relationship we have always had our moments of hot and cold. One day we could reminisce of how insane it is that we go from one end of the spectrum to the other as often as we have. I always have the goal of making progress in relationships. Growing them. Not having been living in the same city and only seeing each other once or twice a year since you joined the military has helped us avoid that growth. I’ve stayed young Sam and you have stayed you. But, from conflict we have opportunities. A chance for change, positive or negative. I see positive from this conflict and I see growth this year. For that I am thankful.

    I love you too, big brother.



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