Part 5

I began a story that has had four parts now, and plan to continue it in order to see how it ends.  I’m just going to name the future parts “Part 5, 6, 7” etc.  The posts can be found under the “Creative Writing” category on the right, in the “Untitled Serial” sub-category.  If you’re just joining, so far, the story has been “I’ve Had More Fun”, “I’ve Had More Fun Part 2”, “Tara”, and “Waking up.”

Jason waited patiently for Jim to wake up.  While waiting, he flipped the channels on the television, pretended he was Jim and ordered a meal via the bedside radio connection to the nursing staff, and dozed off four times.  Finally, Jim opened his eyes.

“Hey bud.  How are you?”  Jason asked earnestly.  “Frank’s gone.  For good.”

“I’ve had more fun,” Jim answered.  It was an honest answer, but one whose sarcasm betrayed his sober awareness of the situation.  “I feel pretty dumb though.  Running in after Tara like that; not waiting for the rescue squad.  As if I could’ve done anything to save her even if she had still been alive.”

“I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself Jimbo,” Jason said, as he pushed the unfinished plate of food a little further from view.  He then reached for the nurses radio again and ordered Jim some food.

“Uh, I don’t think that’s a room service button Jason,” Jim offered.

“Hmm.  Worked last time,” Jason mumbled thoughtlessly.

“Last time?”

“Never mind.  Look, I’ve been talking with the doctors Jim.  There’s something you need to know.  I couldn’t believe it myself when I first heard it, so it’s a good thing you’re lying down.  It’s about your hands.”

Jim shifted in his bed, but was unable to use his arms to help adjust, so he ended up returning to the same position from which he began–flat on his back, head propped up by the pillow.

Jason continued, “Guys like me and you, guys who focus on only one area of life, we wouldn’t know these things, but apparently the world of amputation is quite advanced these days.”  He watched Jim’s eyes, waiting for him to bite.  “In the past, once a limb was gone, it was gone.  And if someone lost their hands like you did, then they’d probably be done for.”  He saw Jim look at his hand-less wrists with longing.  “But,” Jason resumed, “you, my friend, are in luck.  Because of the wonderful advancements in medical technology, cloning, and an ever increasing general attitude of compassion, the doctors say they think, (nothing is one hundred percent of course), but they think you will have the use of hands again.”

“Really?” Jim asked, finally displaying some hope.

“Really.  But these new hands will work a bit differently than your old ones.  Instead of just thinking what you want them to do, like you could before, like I’m doing right now, the best the doctors can offer is voice activated hands,” Jason said.

“Na, you’re just pulling my leg, I can tell,” Jim said, beginning to shake his head.  “You’re sick man.  Making fun of a man who lost his hands trying, in vain, to save his woman.”

Unable to suppress his contagious smile, Jason concluded, “I’m serious Jim.  Voice activated.  You simply say what you want, and hands will do it.  Here, try it.  Ask for a drink,” Jason said, not going to be deterred from finishing.  Not in the mood, Jim just laid back, curious to see where his friend’s joke would end.  Imitating Jim’s voice horribly, Jason said, “I think I’d like a drink.”  Then Jason picked up a glass of water and began to attempt to place the straw in between Jim’s smiling, though wriggling with all their might to deny insertion, lips.  Open-mouthed laughter between the two men concluded the earnest battle and clinched the win for Jason, whose victory speech was simply, “See?  Voice activated hands.”

Jim realized he was actually kind of thirsty, so despite not wanting Jason to feel too good, he took a drink.


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