Still Timeless

Happy that she chose waffles over doughnuts, he found himself preparing the batter when she called to him from the couch.

“Daddy, come lay with me.  Don’t you want a little rest before breakfast?”

“H-, you know I’m cooking.  If you wanted to lay, you should’ve said something earlier.”

“You’re cooking?”

“Yep.  It’s almost done though,” he responded.

“Why you keep saying almost?” she asked.

“Do you know what “almost” means, H-?” he asked, genuinely curious about her response.

“Not done yet?” she answered, her voice betraying a modest level of hope.

“Sure.  It means not done yet.  But so would lots of words.  How close does “almost” mean?”

“Fifteen?” she guessed.

His smile grew as her answer reverberated in his head.

Proudly, then, he cooed to himself, “She’s learning.”




  1. Drew Ford

    What kind of a “€œDaddy”€ is this? A biological Daddy, a Sugar-Daddy, a Gin-Joint Daddy, a Pimp Daddy, a Waffle Daddy, a Timeless Daddy?


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