The Motion Picture

Our widening eyes betray our excitement.  The air conditioner kicks on as we finish up our cereal.  It’s ten-thirty.  We’re going to go see a movie after she comes home from work.  We feel like framing the note she used to share this fact with us, and yet, somehow we know this wouldn’t be a strong enough commendation.  Instead, we re-read it a hundred times and blacken our fingertips as we vigorously review the showtimes in the day’s newspaper.

Scanning the areas she’s most likely to notice upon entrance, we clear the table of dishes, pick up a few pairs of shoes from the hallway, and make a few lines on the carpet with the vacuum.  It’s perfect.  Nothing will detour the event.

During the car ride, the escape begins.  Upon purchasing the tickets, we forget that an entire world exists outside the theater.  The pit stop before heading into the theater is where we last think about eating or drinking ever again.  The previews, the last time we consider looking any direction but forward.  The final removal of light marks the beginning of what we hope will never end.  Good-bye pain, good-bye disappointment, good-bye change, good-bye ambiguity, good-bye senselessness, good-bye sadness, good-bye despair.  Hello clarity, hello love, hello passion, hello happiness, hello resolution, hello caring, hello hope.

Hello hope.


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