The buzzer always startled him.  This time was no different.  Alone and lost in thought, he sat with his fingers resting lightly on the home row when it sounded.

“Shit that’s loud,” he cursed, hoping to keep his man card after the fright.

The words not coming, he decided to go ahead and do now what had to be done at some point or another.  The hardwood floor reminded him that he had been standing all day; the carpet, that he needed to vacuum.    Pulling open the dryer, he hoped no socks would fall into the below washer as he removed the ball of clothes.

Back in the living room, he pulled his work clothes out first.  Once folded, he laid them on the couch.  Looking into the hamper, he saw her clothes.

At first he chuckled, never ceasing to be amazed by the sight of how small they are.  Then he laughed at the memory of how excited she gets when putting them on herself.

Hating that he was laughing at memories, he didn’t laugh again for a while.



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