Life Without Money

No, he didn’t mean to conjure up some imagination-land inspired by John Lennon.  He simply meant to capture some observations about life.  Sometimes he had lots of money, and sometimes he had just enough money.  He figured this made him similar to other people.

Of late, he found himself in the “just enough money” category.

Maybe it was just him, but when he had lots of money his problem was perfection.  In both situations he spent all that he had, but when the dollar amounts were great, he took time away from some things he now values tremendously to find “the perfect” item.  First, the perfect piano (really, it is amazing).  Second, the perfect guns.  Then there was the baseball phase.  He bought the authentic Babe Ruth replica mitt.  He found the greatest soft-toss machine, and accompanied it with an on-the-field hitting net the MLB itself uses in spring training.  And just before the money ran out he bought the perfect motorcycles.  One black-and-chrome American classic, and one dirt-cheap faux sport-bike.  Not to mention the top of the line protective gear.

Had he stayed in that position, his next plan to relieve himself of money was race-car driving lessons.  Yep, it was going to be great.  Oh, and not that he was the boastful type, but this was on top of saving for college, having a nice home etc.  But today?  Today, he doesn’t plan out his expenditures.  He pays for what needs to be payed for.  And there’s something more.  It’s difficult to describe, but for him there is a very tangible, attractive quality to the dream of returning to wealth.  It’s almost as if he finds the dream of wealth more gratifying than the possession of wealth.   There are times when he really, really, really hopes to have lots of money again.  Sadly, though, he knows that when he does, the dream will end.


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