What Was She Thinking?

Sitting across from her, he took took a breath as he finished talking.  He could only wonder what she was thinking.  Reminiscing, they discussed how they first met.  He told her how nervous he was, how excited he was, and how all he wanted was to be able to know her thoughts.  She smiled politely at this, and replied in kind.

Wrapping up the meal, they walked silently to the car.  He couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking.

He told her about his day, and she laughed at the funny parts.  He told her how he learned a new joke, “How do you make an octopus laugh?…Give it ten tickles!”  She laughed harder.

Arriving home, they began their separate nightly routines and he sat down to his computer.  As he piddled around, he heard her turning pages, walking around, and turning on the tv.  Her thoughts eluded him.

He’d had enough of the screen for one day, so he went to her.  She was watching tv.  Watching her, he lingered in the hall a little before entering the room.  He asked himself, “I wonder what she’s thinking?”

The next morning as they ate breakfast they chatted about the headlines.  He asked her how she expected her work to go, and she said, “Good.”  She volleyed the question back, and he told her how he had a 10 o’clock meeting, followed by lunch with a friend.  Continuing, he told her that his afternoon was booked with two more meetings, but he should be home at 5 o’clock because the last meeting won’t go long.  She said, “That’s good.  So will I.  Chicken tonight?”  He agreed.  She had to get going, as hers was the longer commute.  As she walked to the garage, he wondered what she was thinking.

Arriving at the office, he ran into Jeb, his co-worker.  Scanning the room to be sure the wrong people weren’t around, Jeb whispered, “Hey man, you ever wonder what women are thinking?”




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