So What That She Was Wrong?

So what that she was wrong? So what? She’s two and a half. How many times is little A- gonna be right at such a tender age?

Here’s how it started. A big winter storm was forecast to roll through over the night. (She couldn’t have known this, obviously.)

Then, this morning, as I surveyed the damage, I noticed it wasn’t quite as much snow as I feared, but I also knew more was on the way.

During breakfast, a certain sound, a bit like crackling, began as I monitored A-’s progress through her bowl of oatmeal and strawberries.

Focus in here: I wanted to test her meteorological knowledge. You see, she’s been the daughter of a pilot her entire life and school is always in session.

So I asked, casually, “What is that sound, A-?”

Simple enough question, right?

Apparently she hasn’t kept up her studies over winter break.

After turning towards the window, “Water?” was all that she could guess.

Much like you, when I heard this answer I naturally thought, “Wrong!”

To bring out the lesson, I got my phone, opened up ForeFlight, and read off the current METAR for the nearby airport, here redacted for national security purposes.

031415Z AUTO 01011G16KT 2 1/2SM UP OVC008 M03/M04 A2968 RMK A02

Obviously the only important part, the part she had neglected in her studies of late, was understanding just how broad a category “UP” was.

Sure, there is a certain sense in which precipitation of an unknown type and water are synonymous. But she was supposed to know the answer verbatim. Ver. Batim.

Maybe I’m being too hard on her. I don’t know.

So what that she was wrong? At least she heard the question. At least she considered it and gave an answer that reflected as much.


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