Coming To Amazon This Week – The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor, by Pete Deakon

BookCoverPreview1Simon Pastor believed he had never been hurt before. By the time he found himself in an uncontrolled cycle of hurting his wife, he realized that was not true. He felt his wife had hurt him. Then he hurt her. And hurt her. And hurt her. Finally, he divorced her. But that didn’t stop the hurt.

The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor is an explicit look at innocence and hurt. It is not about innocence lost, but about innocence never had. It is about the most destructive kind of hurt. A shameful tale of his descent into madness, The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor offers an unencumbered look into one man’s failed marriage and failed divorce.



    • Pete Deakon

      Technically, I published the first year or so of blog posts. But that was mostly to practice for my first one of new material. So yes, this is my first foray into anything of length. Thanks. Check back later this week for the link.



    • Pete Deakon

      Hey Ed,

      Quick anecdote. Flying requires that pilots file flight plans. There are two general types of flight plans. IFR and VFR. IFR means flying under the control of ATC, usually due to clouds/airspace restrictions–Instrument Flight Rules (the name comes from the fact that the pilots are watching their instruments, not the outside Earth and as such ATC carries the responsibility for everyone not running into each other.) VFR means flying within the ATC structure, but you’re generally looking at the Earth while on the sortie–Visual Flight Rules. The weather is clear. It is a good day to fly. Let’s try not to run into each other out there. Helicopter pilots very rarely fly IFR, mostly because they don’t fly high enough. But on the off chance that they do file an IFR flight plan, they anxiously await the opportunity to cancel it and head directly to their destination by requesting what is known as “VFR Direct”. That is, they can’t wait to stop being bossed by ATC and get back to what Top Gun refers to as “do some of that pilot shit (Mav)”. I say this, because your question brought a smile to my face. Talk about VFR Direct. It is a good question. The answer is “no.”



  1. Christopher Peter

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the ‘like’. Your book looks interesting. I followed the link to Amazon and liked the sample – you write well, with a straightforward, unflowery style. I won’t buy it yet only because my current reading list is getting a bit too long as it is. But it’s on my wish list! Best of luck with it.


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